Space alien casually rides subway

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Oh, FFS, cousin Timothy, how many times have I told you…

(He used to cut the neighbour’s lawn in this same guise, until ol’ Ms. Partridge had that funny turn).

Kids. Meh.


oh, i know this one! he can turn into a bird but human faces are too difficult for him…


I wonder if he is a resident.


This is the alien from the movie “Jules” (so I assume this is viral marketing).

The premise of the film is “what if E.T. was discovered by a 78-year-old man instead of by a 10-year-old boy?” It’s very good.


Definitely a promo of some sort for the new movie, “Jules.”


Space alien casually rides subway.

I want to believe.


If they made Star Trek IV today, they wouldn’t need to disguise Spock’s ears, people would just assume he is LARPing or identifies as an elf.


Well, I think I’d watch that one…

I’m not convinced that this is a human in a costume. Who would go barefoot on the subway by choice?

I don’t think that they are barefoot. The feet look like those hobbit feet shoes. The toes are all together and don’t move.

It’s a heck of a costume, that’s for sure. (I mean, assuming it’s a costume, of course!)

Hey, not to make assumptions, but you look like you’re just visiting our planet. (Depending on response:) How are you enjoying your trip? What have you been to see?

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What would you say to this grey being if you ran into them on the subway?

please take me with you. i can pay my own way.

We’ll make great pets.


What’s up?

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Easy way to test if it was a real alien, see if it could actually bend the little finger on its hands.
Really showing my age with this one…

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It’s before my time, but I got the reference. Sci-fi fans don’t limit themselves to specific time periods!

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