For Sale: Fan-made Pizza Planet pickup, like the one in 'Toy Story' and other films


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Is that number plate legit?


A true fan would have fixed the embossed “TOYOYA” lettering on the tailgate to the correct “GYOZA” spelling.


Pixar ought to buy the thing so they can preserve it in a museum.


Looks exactly like the one in the movies… uncanny </snark_off>


This truck isn’t a very accurate representation of the one in the movie. I’ve seen much better cosplay car workmanship. A museum would want a better example.


It’s still seems odd that they managed to shoehorn this thing into a movie set in medieval Scotland but they couldn’t squeeze in a cameo for the Incredibles, which had several wide shots containing hundreds of cars in the background.


Unless somebody took the time to modify it in the Youtube video, apparently so. Evidence of time travel?

ETA: Googling “Pizza Planet License Plate” reveals that it was apparently “RES1536,” which is less startling.



In the still from the movie you can tell someone had to model the brake light at like 4:45 on a Friday. Eh, it will only be on screen for a fraction of a second and in motion, nobody will notice…


The original Toy Story film was rendered at a resolution of 1536 x 922, hence the license plate RES1536.[source]


That makes sense. It just looks like “RES15[7?]” in the screen cap, which would have been a somewhat more surprising sentiment in a 1995 film.


That’s what I was thinking too!


Brad Bird wanted Brad Bird’s movie.


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