Forget the Jem and the Holograms movie, just read the comic


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Truly, it is baffling that the people behind the movie would attempt to leverage people’s nostalgia by creating a product bearing such a tenuous relation to the original. I suppose they assumed the appeal lied primarily in the hair, makeup, music, romance and mysterious-identity angle – which isn’t entirely unfair, I suppose; it’s just misguided.

Anyway, did Christy Marx have any input this time around?

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I know almost nothing about the original show (outside of some old memes), but that trailer is so banal it makes the one for the new Fantastic Four movie look exciting.


Anyway, did Christy Marx have any input this time around?

I’m thinking it was all Max Bialystock this time. Has that “Springtime for Hitler” vibe.

This is an outrage. Truly.

I was never a fan of the original, but I’m a fan of this comic, in no small part because of Sophie Campbell’s major redesign of the characters. I’ve been a fan of her art ever since she helped do a similar redesign/hard reboot of Rob Liefeld’s Glory, turning that character from a stereotypical wasp-waisted Barbie-physiqued superheroine lordosis-sufferer to a battle-scarred warrior woman who can change shape and is scarier than just about any of her male counterparts. Campbell also does her own comics, including one called Wet Moon that’s kind of like a Southern Gothic version of Twin Peaks that’s set at a thinly-disguised version of Savannah College of Art and Design. (P.S. Some of you may remember her as Ross Campbell, from before she came out as transgender.) That’s the Glory redesign below.

oh come on that comic is a parody no good at all, those drawings sucks so the writing

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see also:

(Interview with 1980s Jem series creator Christy Marx, who was not consulted at any point during the planning or production of the new live-action Jem movie, and who admits it’d be hard not to take it a little bit personally on some level. Also, it would seem that not a single woman was on the senior production staff for the new Jem movie. Go figure.)


{Nods reflectively}

Yes, yes, tell me more, You seem wise beyond your years, newcomer.


Original characters where not gay. Won’t be reading comic or seeing movie.

This is like making a gi Joe comic where Duke is gay. Why?

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I noticed the trailer for Jem and thought “wahey! a piece of the past!” then watched the trailer and just a little over halfway through I stopped it, realising that I am not a little girl born this century with a taste for appalling generic pop. I don’t know why I thought it would be good, I think I was hoping for 80’s/90’s retro sass aimed perhaps at people who know what Jem is, otherwise why even call it Jem? They coulda called it Spanner Fontana and still reached their target audience without soiling what is for some a treasured memory. Ah well, I don’t even care anymore. Michael Bay has strip mined and pissed on the things that I treasured from my childhood already.

BTW that comic looks incredibly well drawn and stylised.

Neither the movie nor the comic.It’s pure bullshit :poop:!! And as an 80s girl who grew up watching and enjoying the Jem cartoons,I’m so mad they keep ruining 80’s icon with today’s crap.Please let the 80’s icon the way it was.And these Misfits pics, :confounded: Makes me want to puke,especially Stormer!! :-1: :astonished:

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Well, why not? Lots of LGBT people served their country, even when doing so could have meant being dishonorably discharged if anyone found out. (Funny, how there really hasn’t been any problem with gays and lesbians serving openly since the policy was changed.) And lots of people suspected there being something between Kimber and Stormer in the original cartoon. Maybe what you’re really nostalgic for was when homophobia was considered the norm?

is it really that difficult to understand this is about the real Jem and the Holograms and not about label with Jem’s name a real bad done LGBT comic based, -nothing against gays or minorities ok OK?- or about what a bunch of guys thought a Jem movie should be and the worst of all some guys applauding like seals for anything is presenting to them geeezzz!!

I was just jokingly referring to that old cartoon’s theme song, I wasn’t implying anything else. It wasn’t my intent to suggest I disapprove of however they’ve updated any characters.

In fact, I’m fine if they update the characters to appeal to the kinds of people our youth are growing up with. Homosexuality was taboo when I was growing up, and naturally characters in children’s stories weren’t going to be allowed to possess those qualities back then. It’s about time they can now.

We also don’t have a youth that’s majority white, either. So the faces in comics are changing as well.

This is what it’s like growing up here now. This update which brings more diversity to the characters is simply a reflection of that reality.

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