Forgetful LAPD chief denies, then admits buying $6k horse from his daughter for police dept


The police chief was caught lying to the media about nepotism, and that’s fine? We’re supposed to believe he just didn’t notice, and it never came up in any conversation between him and his daughter? The police wouldn’t buy that story coming from me; I don’t buy it coming from them.


Given the Police Chief’s propensity for purchasing things he pays very little attention to, he may very well buy that story from you.

APD Chief Charlie Beck

If this guys name ain’t ‘Charlie Horse’ by the end of the week the internet, as a medium, will have failed.


What’s the Blue Book value of a 10 year old horse? Did he get a good deal? Seriously I doubt most people, myself included, would know if the department overpaid for this horse. Can someone that knows give a rough idea of the horse’s value.


I’ve got it straight from the horse’s mouth - this guy is horse’s ass, a sort of human centaurpede.


It depends to a small extent on the horse’s breed (some fancy breeds are inherently quite expensive) and to a larger extent on how much training it has.

Because it’s a police horse it’s probably a large, sturdy mixed breed or possibly a retired ex-racing Thoroughbred. This means its inherent value is probably low, maybe $500-$2000. As for training, I know in Great Britain police horses are put through a rigorous training program to teach the horses to remain calm during riots, overcome their natural fear of stepping on things (and people) and work with other mounted officers to perform crowd-control cavalry charges. I don’t know if the LAPD has similar requirements. But if the cop’s daughter put in the man-hours to train the horse up to those requirements then yes, a fully trained police horse could be worth $6000. If not, and the horse still needs training, then the cop overpaid.


Beck said that after reviewing the same documents The Times obtained, he “realized” he had signed the forms approving the deal.

I wonder if he also signs pardons, death sentences and birthday cards upon request. Non-Plausible deniability at extra cost?

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Amazing. IANAHT, and I thought they were much much more expensive. Like $6000 was a bargain price.See how the internet makes us smart?

Did a bit of hunting (IANAHT either), and it looks like the price was bumped up.

This page from the Portland, OR Mounted Police states that the average purchase price for them is $3,000. On a better note, they do say that horses, “are normally eight to twelve years of age when purchased(.)” So at least that’s good. The same site says that unit provides training for both the horses and riders. Since the L.A. chief’s daughter is a mounted officer and she trained the horse, she may have taken the additional money as a training fee.

Well like I said horse cost in general depends on a few factors. They can get very, very expensive if they’re racehorses of good breeding (youngsters can top $1 million per horse) or fancy breeds that are trained for high-level competition (the “dancing” dressage horse the Romneys had in the last Olympics would cost well over $100,000).

But yeah a plain old riding horse doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Has the horse been arrested on weapons charges yet?

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It doesn’t even matter if the LAPD got a screaming deal on this horse. Self-dealing with public money simply isn’t done. If you absolutely have must have that specific horse for some legitimate reason, the deal should be done at arms’ length, with a broker and plentiful documentation of why it’s happening.



Both the chief’s daughter and son are on the force, and he claims to recuse himself where they are involved. This doesn’t speak highly of that claim.

One might call it bray-zen behaviour. Neighbody else could expect to get off trot free unless completely blinker-ed. It would behoof us to saddle the scores now manely because if we shoes to bridle our ethics, it will only give them free rein to canter-inue this inequine-able behoofiour. We canter foal now or the nightmare canter-inues. You’ve beem given ambling warning…


Even if the truth is ever so innocent the ‘denying it until documentation is provided’ bit is a serious problem.

Either you are casually handling matters that must be handled properly, or you are handling matters such that you prefer to lie about how they were handled. That’s shoddy work at best, along with a glaring failure to pay any regard for the perception of your office, and the sort of thing that regular people might end up charged for at worst, not that he has to worry about that.

I agree.

I live in L.A. county, and the LAPD has a history the doesn’t allow it to act in a manner below reproach. Far too many misbehaviors (both legal and ethical) exist on the record. Those are recent and going back for some time. (The 80s were terrible!) No one in LAPD can afford to do anything that might even be seen as “illicit” because the actions of one person reflect on the entire force.

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