Forklift driver accidentally destroys a large warehouse


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Unbelievably Poor Warehouse Design, When Exposed By Forklift Driver, Totally Predictably Destroys Large Warehouse, Demonstrating Why We Have Building Codes


Man were those some weak shelves; all it took was a nudge from the forklift.
I hope everyone who was buried in the flour? packages of ??? are okay.


Not even remotely funny; that driver very likely was badly injured or killed. Notice the multiple tons of crap, flying sideways into the forklift’s cage? And it would take HOURS to extricate them.

That racking should not have collapsed from such a small impact. It seems obvious their racks were at or over capacity.


Indeed. Overly narrow aisles. Overloaded shelves. No impact gaurds around the shelf legs. Legs don’t even look to be bolted to the ground.


Very good point.


Did I just watch someone die?


Not only the forklift driver, but also one of the two workers at the table at the bottom of the screen - you see one run off to the left, but the other is hit by the edge of the wave of whatever was on those shelves.


One also wonders why the forklift was backing up into that area, too.


At least the shelves on the left are ok.


That shelving was like plastics straws. The slightest sideways shove, and down they came. Criminal negligence, or a place with no worker safety laws.


Only source I can find says its an Amazon fulfillment center in Indianda. In which case… holy OSHA / lawsuits batman!


There’s also the guy in the foreground at 39 and 40 secs.
How about we somehow pause/remove this until we know that they are alive.


As informative as this video was about the need for workplace safety codes, I feel like I just unintentionally watched a snuff video.


And now for some totally fake forklift disasters:


It seems it may be this event, and no one was hurt

a short video posted when this happened seems consistent with the security video


Yup, looks like the same collapse. That is one lucky driver. Still hope he and his coworkers sue the pants off their employer.


With BREXIT looming he’s probably back in Poland . The fact that the collapse video is usually shown with no information about the source suggests some kind of legal action is underway. Probably someone wants to be paid for all that cheese :slight_smile:


I wasn’t able to find anything in the OSHA accident report database, so it may have happened outside of the USA or may not have been reported.

Also, those were some very flimsy looking storage racks, at least in comparison to the racking I’ve seen in most warehouses and stores.


As others said, I think those shelves were woefully exceeding the weight they were designed for. Though it is a bit hard to tell, the support look thinner than the shelving used in the back of walmarts for general merchandise.