Person lost in Ikea for three hours after getting bonked on the head by a flat-packed dresser

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Somebody stumbled into SCP-3008.


Ikea = Future landfill items

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If she can navigate herself out of Ikea in 3 hours, she’s better than most Ikea shoppers.


When I saw the headline about being lost in Ikea, I assumed this was about getting lost in the labyrinth of set-up model rooms. This person somehow got lost among the flat-packed furniture, which is stored on shelves arranged in conventional straight rows. So yeah, that must have been quite a bonk on the head.


She was KLÖKD.




You beat me to it.

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I can relate.


But soon she will be LÖDED.


Yeah, but that’s the labyrinth-of-model-rooms part of Ikea, not the part with the giant racks of flat-packed furniture. Those are in the normal row-of-aisles format.

I’m prepared.


Definitely seems suspicious unless the hit to the head caused some kind of damage. Not only is it stored in straight rows, the section isn’t even that big and is literally right next to the exit (and the check out area full of employees they could have asked for help).


No cameras in the store? I imagined something like IKEAVision.

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I went into an Ikea for the first time in ages recently and I did wonder a bit that they just let the public wander around a working warehouse, which would normally require you to have done a mandatory safety course* if you were working in there.
It’s obviously not particularly dangerous, but there was the odd forklift driving around, and I have a very low expectation of the intelligence of the general public.

*(which would consist of a five minute lecture, and maybe watching Staplerfahrer Klaus)


Especially when they have navigated the maze, avoided the overloaded carts driven by manic zombies trying to get escape to the prize – meatballs and Daim bars.

See, it’s trivial shit like this that keeps IKEA from concentrating on the important stuff, like getting the Bekvam Kitchen Cart that I’ve been waiting for since June back in stock. And now I’ll probably have to wear a yellow and blue hard hat in the store.

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I like this quote from a witness…

Furthermore, Patrick Culliton, a witness for the furniture retail company, claimed that because of how close Tabibi was to the box, it could not have accelerated quickly enough to properly injure her

Properly injure?

And then this…

In the months after, Tabibi reported feeling low moods and intense anxiety and was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder. She also said she feared the same accident happening to her children, or even to herself again.

I could not find an explanation for the 3 hour tour. If Ikea was indeed negligent then they should pay but it seems a bit over the top.

Many many years ago my mother inlaw was grocery shopping with our daughter who was a baby at the time, she reached up to grab something and a can fell off the shelf landing on my kid’s head. It drew blood and there was a lot of screaming and crying from both of them. My mother in law apologized for causing a scene when the manager came over. No one wanted to sue or sign any waivers. They just went on shopping.

Looks like I could have been rich or at least paid for her college education.

One other brief story.

My wife was a district manager for a fast food chain, also many years ago, someone came to the counter and claimed to have slipped on the water leaking from the drinking fountain. She took a report and filled out a form. The insurance company paid the person a few grand. The owner wanted to fight it because, get this, there was no drinking fountain in the restaurant. The insurance company said it would be cheaper to write a check then to go to court or even just get it dismissed before ever getting to court.

Point is, insurance companies and lawyers have created the situation. People figured out long ago this is how you can make some money.

Even in Canada, slip and fall lawsuits are going crazy, with consequences.