Former Fox host Gretchen Carlson sues Roger Ailes over sexual harassment allegation

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How is any part of this surprising in the least? I’d be more surprised to find out that he didn’t sexually harass ALL of his stable of Bleached Blonde NewsBarbie Pseudo Trophy Wives. And it’s not just him. The complaint details the pervasiveness of “bro culture” over at Fox"News". Another not surprise, there.


Fox News Comedy Hour isn’t funny, and never was.



What a fucking creep.


“I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better.”

Funny, that line never failed for me. It must be his delivery.



Sounds like someone may getting getting divorced…

In July 1997, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Ailes was engaged to Elizabeth Tilson (born December 1960), whom he married on February 14, 1998. Formerly a television executive, she is now a homemaker and titular publisher of The Putnam County News and Recorder.[27] They have one son. They currently reside in Garrison, New York, on a hilltop parcel in a home constructed of Adirondack river stone across the Hudson River from West Point Military Academy.[28]

Ailes is a longtime friend of journalist and media personality Barbara Walters.[29]

As of July 2016 Roger Ailes is a resident of Cresskill, New Jersey.[30]


This guy should have his prescription for boner pills permanently revoked.


Well now we know why Ailes started Fox News. To get a date.


Ailes is holding a brunette there, it looks like. No wait. Which is which again?


You do Jabba a disservice with this comparison…


I anticipate Ailes legal defense team saying, “Come on, it’s Fox News! How could anyone reasonable think they were not going to be sexually harassed? Taking that job is basically consent.”


I was thinking more this guy…

Man - those jowls…


Fat and jowl shaming.

Hey, you know how the Conservative narrative about a woman who gets sexually harassed is that she was probably asking for it and men can’t help themselves and maybe she just should be more careful who she hangs out with next time?

This is what it looks like in practice.

So in the spirit of changing minds: Gretchen. This wasn’t your fault. No matter what anyone tells you, the responsibility for Roger’s actions lies with him. He sounds like a real sleazeball, and I’m sorry you had to go through that. I hope your courage in the face of his harassment stops others from being harassed by him.

But Roger isn’t unique in the world, and if you’d like to stop sleazeballs like him from preying on women who might not have the courage that you do, this law suit isn’t going to be enough.

We need strong laws that punish offenders.

We need social justice to change the culture.

And we need you to help counter that conservative narrative that you know so well. Because not everyone can stand up like you can.


It’s not surprising, but I’m glad someone finally sues over having to show even more leg or panties or whatever their creepy new gimmick is for shitty people who can’t separate their pornography from their hatemongering.


It’d be nice if she thought that everyone deserved equality through application of undiluted feminism and was willing to decry the ideology that butters her bread, but I’m not holding my breath about that.


It’d be nice if she thought that everyone deserved equality through application of undiluted feminism

Well even if she doesn’t, I do. So I’ll treat her the same way I treat just about every person who alleges sexual harassement. Even if she is blonde and thin and a Fox presenter she deserves as much justice and support as anyone else.

I’ll vigorously argue with most of what is said on Fox! (pretty much everything in fact. Maybe not the weather reporting, or if they tell you the time… do they do that? I don’t watch Fox. It pollutes the mind. )

EDIT: Forgot a word!


Did I not? My anger is reserved for her employers. My sadness is for hope that she might see them as the problem, not as isolated do-baddies.

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Sorry, if I wasn’t clear, I didn’t mean to say you were treating her any particular way :slight_smile:

I agree that Ailes (and by extension) Fox is not an isolated baddy, but part of a culture pushing the view that women are primarily sexual objects (amongst other disgusting views), and that men with power can and should use them for sexual pleasure. And I hope, like you, that Carlson can see that her boss wasn’t just an isolated baddy, but a pusher of a cultural viewpoint that oppresses many women - especially those who are not white, blond, thin, well-educated, straight, cis, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, though, there often does seem to be a bit of victim-blaming for women who “should know that that’s the environment they work in” or who are seen as unsavoury in some way (not naming names or pointing fingers at anyone in particular!). To us it may be a Fox news presenter who gets derided for her choice of occupation, while to others may be a sex worker. I don’t subscribe to that view or want to engage in that type of behaviour regardless what job the person has. No matter who it is who has been harassed, it isn’t the fault of the person being harassed, it is the fault of the harasser. A woman (well in fact, everyone) should be able to have any job, go anywhere and do anything without the threat of sexual harassment - even work at Fox News.