Former Fox host Gretchen Carlson sues Roger Ailes over sexual harassment allegation

Upon reading this story I was overcome by a weird emotion I didn’t recognize at first: sympathy for a Fox News commentator.


Well, I’ll name names. Obviously I made a comment above about Fox giving a “Oh, come on, obviously we were going to sexually harass her” defense in court. I just wanted to clarify for any and all who are concerned about this (as we should all be) that I was really making a comment about the legal system that looks for any excuse to forgive sexual harassment and sexual assault. I would half expect that argument to work.

Still, I think there is something of a difference in the way people feel about someone like Carlson vs. the way someone might feel about a sex worker who is harassed. The latter is about putting a moral judgement on sex. The former is, I think, an expression of anger about the fact that she worked for an organization that promotes sexism to the public. She strikes people a collaborator which is just about the most reviled thing a person can be.


I would like to apologize to Gretchen Carlson. I’ve called her “the bubble-headed bleach blond that comes on at five” (in reference to the Don Henley tune). I believe this shows that she is not bubble-headed. Good for her.

I hope she finds a job in journalism. Real journalism, that is.


How else is that flopping blob of manliness going to get laid?

I caught the best part of the movie 9 to 5 last night, the part where the ladies smoke mj and elaborate their revenge fantasies against their shithead boss. Dolly Parton’s turned the heavy harassment women faced for decades in the workplace back onto Dabny Coleman, before cooking him over an open fire. More men of Ailes ilk would do well by watching that scene, but only if they internalize what they see and hear.


Empathy works in mysterious ways

“The impression that presenters are hired at Fox to someone’s tastes has long been in play; there’s no mystery regarding whose.”

I’m going to go full Godwin here! Is the answer “Hitler”?


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