Former goth stripper Krystle Cole's extraordinary LSD survival story

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She’s a survivor all right, and then some. Dang Girl, you seen some shit!


For a story about LSD, the narrator uses a lot of Meth puns.


She wasn’t kidnapped. Along with Gordon Todd Skinner and William Hauck, she was charged with kidnapping Brandon Green (they call him Brad in the video) and plead no contest. She got a deferred sentence because she testified for the state. The only person who saw Green at the hotel and wasn’t charged was Kristi Roberts. Cole lied to Roberts to keep her from getting medical help for Green and after the kidnappers left Green for dead in a field, Cole told Roberts that Green had left on his own so no one would go looking for him.


I’m pretty sure that at one point my good friend who I grew up with who became a major head after high school spent some time in Kansas helping out at that LSD lab.

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I’ve seen this video (and Hamilton’s other content) multiple times over the years, and I don’t recall her being used as a “guinea pig for experimental psychedelic chemicals” nor hearing the missile silo where the LSD factory was located being described as “fancy.”

Did the author watch the same video, or has it been updated with more sensationalism (now with 50% more hyperbole!) in the intervening 9 years?


There’s some reddit detectives out there who seem to think so. Partly to shield Cole from culpability in the kidnapping of Green. I think this is what @dark_frog is referring to.

I haven’t had the time to dig through all that material as yet, but tonight I’ll be giving this a read. It paints her as an accomplice and not a victim.

Yikes, I couldn’t get past the first few minutes because I found the author’s self-insert character so grating.


Not sure I ever get tired of hearing this story. Why has there been no movie dramatization? or has there?


More reading:

There seems to be enough material out there which makes it clear that Green at least believed during the Skinner proceedings that Cole was a willing participant in his torture. It of course doesn’t make her not also a victim herself.

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This headline could be worded better. Survivor of abuse, coercion, brainwashing would be more accurate. Sadly, acid was used for horrific purposes, including torture. Let’s keep the blame on the immoral actors, not the psychedelics so it reads less like a Reagan-era “War on Drugs” hit piece.

Best Hamitons’ Pharmacopeia ever IMO

Fucking hell, that’s a story and a half.
I have a friend, who before he left the UK was known as ‘Acid Tim’. He moved over to the US about twenty years ago, and I’m really glad he never ran into any of these jokers, because he’d have got along far too well with them…

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