Former Navy Seal says CIA operatives turned on him because he is gay


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I had to look up what the CIA’s GRS was.

Having read a bit about the Global Response Staff, I’m not even remotely surprised to find its ranks filled with homophobes.


I’ve never heard of GRS before, but based purely on the name, I’m going to guess it’s a Tom Clancy wet dream that somehow took form in real life.


Some nice Intelligence we have in this Central Agency.


I am shocked that an imperial death squad would treat one of its members the same way it treats the people of the countries it occupies.


woah, the CIA’s field officers are a bunch of homophobic frat bros? didn’t see that coming!


I didn’t get homophobic from the description, just guys pranking a gay guy.

The army is a tough place. Killing people and breaking shit all day gets stressful.


From the full story:

“In one of the most dangerous places on the planet, Jones wasn’t afraid of the hundreds of militants eager to kill anyone associated with the CIA, he was afraid of his own men – afraid of being the victim of an “accident” downrange – or afraid of being left behind if a mission went bad.”

I think it goes way beyond pranking a gay guy. And as someone who was in the military and worked along side Navy SEALs, I can say that for him to be afraid tells me everything I need to know.


Anyone who has ever read Legacy of Ashes knows that the CIA can’t be trusted to be competent. I’m increasingly convinced that they should have nothing to do with wetwork.


I guess the CIA has not reached the point binge watching The Americans to understand the fallout from homophobia against SEALs.


This is about the Navy and the CIA.

It’s a good thing the dude could carry the extra load of not having someone around, someone in the same stressful circumstances, to take it out on. /s

Good thing he was a man about it, quite unlike the boys with toys who pulled the shit.


[quote=“alistairmichaelkinne, post:7, topic:62733, full:true”]
I didn’t get homophobic from the description, just guys pranking a gay guy.[/quote]
Pranking a gay guy for being gay is pretty much the definition of homophobic behavior. Just like singling out the lone black guy with a bunch of nasty, unfunny, potentially life-threatening “pranks” would be horribly racist behavior.

[quote=“alistairmichaelkinne, post:7, topic:62733, full:true”]
The army is a tough place.[/quote]
As noted, this story has nothing to do with the army. Not that this kind of thing should be permitted there either.

Know what is even more stressful than a combat role where you regularly have to fear for your life from the enemy?



Seriously. Stack their greatest accomplishments against their greatest failures and it’s hard to even justify the agency’s ongoing existence.



The main thing this shows is really, really poor training, bad leadership, and enormous incompetence. These guys have no business carrying weapons - hell, I wouldn’t trust them with a cash register!


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