Former NSA spook resigns from Naval War College in dick-pic scandal


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Don’t worry, he’ll be back on Wingnut Welfare™ in no time.


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Why did you feel obliged to post a dick pick yourself, Cory? The engorged head on that thing is frightening. Smug, shit eating grin, too.


From penis photo flap to penis photo flop.


Looking forward to the day when publishing bad intel that starts a trillion dollar war is what gets a guy fired.


Right?! That’s what blows me away. Post all the Schlong Shots you want, at least they (don’t generally) kill people.


The gun is good.
The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds, and makes
new life, and poisons the earth with a plague of men, as once it was.
But the gun shoots death, and purifies the earth of the filth of brutals.
Go forth and kill!


heh, can i offer a mug of chamomille tea and perhaps an affectionate kitten to sit on your lap :smiley:

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All cynicism aside, I’d be honestly fascinated to know how a guy like this lands a Naval War College gig (along with something at BU).

When I was in school I came to know a number of (often intimidatingly qualified) people scraping by in the delightful world of other-than-tenure-track academic slogging. And these were the intimidatingly sharp ones, suitably shiny CVs from prestigious programs, impressive mastery of their area and things that touched on it, and the attempt to land a job that wasn’t about as stable and well paid as a position of modest trust in the McDonalds down past the edge of campus just ground them down.

Thinking of that, what’s the deal in a case like this? He’s a spook, so presumably his background check is in order (or at least stamped as such by incompetent contractors), which is a plus; but are there no analysts who are at least as hungry and also more correct to talk to? How does this happen? Charm, Schmoozing? Ideological purity?

Dingdingding! We have a winner.


I wonder how he feels about information privacy now.


Sounds like a total cock-up to me.

Being an NSA analyst in failing so badly at opsec that your embarrassing dick pic ends up leaking on twitter must be pretty crushing among those capable of experiencing shame…

In his case, he’s probably already created an imaginary world where the Unitary Executive and Total Information Awareness somehow get all he-man-wish-fulfillment-fantasy on this leak and allows him to continue his noble work and/or rather disconcerting quasi-courtship attempts.

Aaah, the old UETIA gambit. In that case, well played, sir, well played.

I really wish I had any original insight. I’ve been on the private side of the fence all my life, and the spooks I’ve worked with always seem at first blush cooperative and professional, but it never works out. It has to be competing priorities, and perhaps purity is one of the major ones.

I just don’t get it, the mission seems pretty clear–dont let people die, don’t let people get robbed, don’t let people get abused. Why is this so hard?

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People need to stop misusing their macro lenses for sexting. Just don’t do it folks.

Yeah, I went there.

Seriously. It is utterly fucked that the thing that finally drummed this piece of shit out wasn’t his wretched record of getting Americans killed (to say nothing of poor Iraq) , but because he took a picture of his dick. That is like murdering someone, bathing in their blood, getting caught doing it and avoiding jail time, and then years later getting a few months in jail for jaywalking. WTF. The world is an awful place devoid of justice.


So when NSA trolls do role play survielance to gang stalk,harass targets across 5 partner allies then its okay. When NSA records and shares nudes of USA citizens its okay.When NSA stalking results in someone losing family,job,trauma for children its okay.When NSA action cost a Americna fmaily destruction in name of national security its okay.When NSA watch American couple chats its okay. But when NSA own spy gets gang stalked and bullied and harased and loses job gets his family life impacted and his relation with partner affected,his children affected then its a big deal. Karma is a b&^ NSA

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It’s the US, I’m not sure what else you would expect - all the violence you never wanted and none of the sex.


You bet me to it!