Former TSA officer reveals widespread misery there


On the upside, it kept those types occupied at a time when the forming of brownshirt militias seemed more plausible.

May I remind you of this being a popular genre of the day:

Warning - war porn

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Mr Chertoff, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Jail.

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In the article, when he lists the 12 countries that automatically triggered enhanced screening…I can’t be the only one who read them in Wakko’s voice.


And this is why I tend to be as little of a dick as possible when going through airports.

Sure, some of them are sociopaths, cretins, and the worst kind of jobsworths, but most of them just look defeated by the stupidity and general shittyness of their jobs. I cannot imagine how tedious most of screening and border control jobs must be.

Same reason I never get shirty with call-centre staff, it’s not their fault that INSERT ANY UTILITY COMPANY are incompetent.


It’s a complete waste of time and money. But hey we are in a recession, people need jobs and malls can only employ so many ninjas. Maybe take all the TSA agents and put them to work doing community projects ala the depression era.


good idea, that surely would be Work Progress.

Wasn’t there some middle eastern radical(formerly a reliable agent of the empire, definitely a candidate for double plus enhanced screening) who was going on about ‘as you sow, so you shall reap’?

In general, I wouldn’t wish penury on someone; but I really hope that the TSA flacks are ‘economic conscripts’; because the alternative involves their being collaborators…

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You, sir, are a filthy commie. As we all know, government make work projects are only acceptable if they have some ‘security’ justification. No need to actually deliver (see f-35 et al.); but that’s the only acceptable objective. Any amount down that rat hole without question; but anything else’s; be the cost/benefit ever so reasonable? But a step away from expropriation of all wealth creators and Stalinist death camps.

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I’m saddened when I see the last remnants of the PWA/WPA/CCC around here fading away, knowing that we’ll likely never see another such entity in our lifetimes.

Can you imagine putting even 5% of the unemployed to work expanding broadband access or repairing our crumbling infrastructure? We just might be able to get past Andorra on the broadband rankings!


There is AmeriCorps, an easily expandable program which could be applied in just those ways.

best part: it was one of Bush 41’s million points of light, so it’s bipartisan and has some big friends in Washington who do go to bat for it every few years. Really a no brainer. And as well as that, AmeriCorps members would be a better TSA answer than what there is now.

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I thought I heard somewhere that Americorps was Obama’s private sleeper hitler youth army…


No no, it’s Bill and Hillary’s private army. They’ve been the ones building the medicare death camps for the last several years.


Look, there are people who want to work, and work that desperate needs to get done but which already ultra-wealthy person will be further enriched by it who is going to pay for it?

Laaaake Titicacaaaa!!!

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I always find it interesting that the people who complain about “people collecting welfare to sit around and do nothing” also happen to correlate to people who don’t support public works programs, job training programs, etc. etc. Dumbassery.

I think you mean sleeper Jihadist terrorist army… I mean Obama, obviously a secret muslim and quite possibly The Antichrist. Because goodness knows he’s never done anything to support the more conservative aspects of “The Man” here in the USA.

…of course there is, isn’t that our main export now days?

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