Former US President Carter asks Georgia Secretary of State Kemp to resign

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Good on him; more high profile people need to speak up against this.


Carter is a very under-rated former POTUS.


Do people still under-rate him? Depending on who one is surrounded with I guess. Some people may still criticize him, but I think he’s the exemplar of how to be an ex-president and make a positive difference in the world. To me and a lot of people around me, he’s the role model that makes other ex-presidents look like slackers, or worse.


This is what it’s come to in America: Carter forced to be an unofficial version of an election observer in a basket-case emerging democracy. He’s a decent man who loves his country, but he must feel so ashamed of it at this moment.


Totes screw this Republican for trying to purge legitimate voters. That being said, if you will pardon my french and potential derail:

Carter said it was his decades of experience assisting elections abroad

Fuck Jimmy Carter

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Frankly, it’s my opinion that anyone who has ever been in politics or has ever held any real power is automatically in some way complicit with fucking over the common populace, the animals, and the environment.

That’s just the nature of the flawed-ass system we have in place; the whole thing is broken and needs to be replaced.

But in order for that to happen, first we have to fix the most dire problem; the authoritarian threat from fascists currently in office, seeking to expand their power even more.

There are no ‘perfect’ allies, and we need all the help we can get right now.


I’ll definitely take help where i can get it as far as getting Trump and his ilk out, but i have no love for Carter when he could have at least questioned the legitimacy of past Venezuelan elections. He probably wasn’t in the position to change the outcome but to praise what was even at the time obvious and blatant fraud really gives me animosity towards him.

I don’t intend to derail the topic here but i just had to say something about him because he’s no great humanitarian in my eyes.


That’s fine; even broken clocks are right twice a day, so if his input helps at all with this problem, we can count it as a ‘broken clock moment.’


I’m always stunned when evangelicals call him the worst president we’ve ever had, mostly because they loved Reagan. IMO, Carter is the one who lives up to the ideals they talk about all the time. So, I mention a few of his contributions to society, then ask them what they’ve done for others during the past few decades. That usually shuts them up.


Good man!


Modern American Evangelicals don’t even talk about the ideals of their Christ. I think they tossed that noise to the curb around the same time they chucked avarice out of the Mortal Sins Club.


I have wondered what Reagan would have done if Carter hadn’t already shown what wouldn’t work.

Evangelicals repeat what the are told. They do (vote) what they are told. B/c of their blind trust in humans who claim to speak on behalf of God.


\cough GWB\


i’m from texas and have lived here most of my life. i’ve known many people who regard carter as an untried traitor who should have been put in front of a firing squad. i think he’s probably been the best ex-president we’ve ever had. as an american president he was certainly complicit in much that was wrong with the world during the cold war and his record on foreign elections is far from perfect, but overall he has lived a life as an exemplar of his faith to his best understanding of that duty these past 40 years. i have to admire him for that.


How responsible can a 1 term president be for a conflict that predated his presidency by 30 years? Seems even less fair than blaming Obama for Afghanistan & Iraq. Yes, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan during his watch. It was something they liked to do. Try googling “soviet invasion of” and see how many answers there are!



The one evangelical I know (and can barely stand to be honest) can prattle on for quite a while about the duty to obey authority. As he sees it, all authority comes from God, so if you in any way oppose authority, then you’re literally working against God and doing Satan’s work.

F-that noise. But what an awesome scam they’ve got running.


Carter 2020!

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