Fortnite OG: Going backward shows just how great the game has become

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Oof - I am having trouble adjusting. I didnt play OG Fortnite so I have no nostalgia, and I play zero build.

Lots of open land, though I do liked the scoped AR. I haven’t figured out if an AR/Shotgun or SMG/Shotgun is what I like yet. And the shotguns just don’t hit for me like they used to. Argh I have had so many 2nd or 3rd place finishes where I feel like I should have won, but thems the breaks, I guess.

I haven’t even FOUND a hunting rifle yet, and the one time I found the semi-auto sniper it was useless to me (though I was in a bad spot).

And shields and heals are so hard to find, but I guess if everyone is in that boat it makes for some interesting fights. Though recovering from a battle before someone else finds you can be so tough.

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I hope there is a regular event where they give us brief runs of OG.

One more thing. So the one thing I liked that PUBG does that Fortnite doesn’t, is that it has more than one map. You can select a map, or you can just randomly join one.

BUT, PUBG didn’t change the maps regularly like Fortnite does. And I have to say, while it can be annoying/sad when they move/change your favorite spots to land etc, it did keep the game fresh. And so I don’t think they want the added tasks of managing/updating two maps. Though, perhaps, they could have one that is updated throughout the season, and an alt map that isn’t updated or only updated sparingly to give variety.

I will say this is the first time I have had to run into the waiting in the queue error, so current interest is high, let’s see if the novelty wears off.

I think the queue is gone. Mobility and heals are hard to come by, as well as “good” weapons – but it is a nice reminder that you used to have to use Grey weapons and every final 10 wasn’t solid legendary gear. Loot and heals were rare. Teams had to share. Terrain in zero build is rough and mobility is a big deal. High ground not as big a thing as just hard cover.

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It’s also forcing people who like to be sneaky to do it differently, because there are no bushes or leave piles. Though the Jungle was TOO hard to see people (mainly because leaves would obstruct your camera), so I don’t really miss that.

I don’t mind less epic loot. Though like I said, certain types are hard to find - or are they that way on purpose? Is there no common hunting rifle, for example?

I need to learn to use mobility better. Of the mobility items I liked, it was the sword. Not super keen on the others, and usually would rather have double heal slots - which is dumb, I should have mobility or forts, I know. I have been trying out more of the misc items this season as well. Forts do come in handy especially at the end - until someone lobs stink bombs in them and then you are like "Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The last season was very good. This is a great take on Chapter 1 but Chapter 4 gameplay was far better. The map, which not as memorable or “home” – was better for the game.

There is a real “feels right” to OG for me tho. I have been playing builds and zero build, and both are great.

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I know they are making changes every week, and it only lasts a month, so I am not complaining, Even if it is a challenge for me, it is different and what I like/don’t like will probably be moot with the next change.

I am glad I listen to a few youtubers on the changes before I tried jumping into water and dying to fall damage, haha.

I take fall damage again, its annoying and I remember why — heals are rare.

My only complaint is they should up the frequency of traps and bounce pads, and make them available in Zero Build. PLanting a trap on an existing surface isn’t building.

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Maybe next week!

I know of traps, never experienced one.

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