How to improve at Fortnite Battle Royale


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Looks kinda fun. I have been playing PUBG on my phone and doing better than expected. Almost makes me want to play it on the computer - but my computer no work…


All my friends that have been playing PUBG on their phones say they’ve been doing better than expected. It’s suspicious…


I have yet another sad loss in 2nd to clip and share. Were running cross platform squads, my 11y-o, her 49 something uncle and I. Devastating 3v1 rush. I landed s shot or two, but ow.


Almost definitely better than me, at any rate.


Well, unlike the computer version, there are some bots on the mobile version. I am not sure of the percentage. I hear it gets less as you go up in levels. Still, even if half of them are bots, half aren’t and I pull out a win here and there. Especially if I have not complete idiots in squad play.

Still, the controls are not as tight as keyboard and mouse, but I actually do better than when I use twinstick for FPS.


Joysticks be damned, I am a winner on this one at any level of play:


My poor kids, I’m such a boring Dad, I only play Awale (African rock counting game) and Uno with them.


Gamer culture suffers from the young male demographic, especially shooters. Actually, finding a family friendly shooter seems like a bit of a contradiction to me.

That said, I have found a PUBG streamer that I like that manages to keep his topics to inspired murder instead of homophobia or misogyny.


Don’t feel bad about not having a win, yet, JLW. I have two, but in the first one, I got the second to last person while they were healing because they hadn’t closed the bottom of their structure and then the last person was a bush camper that had no idea what they were doing. The second win came when I was running from a guy in the massive structure he had built and he rocketed himself.


I don’t know.
I get a “pretending to be nice for the sake of the audience” vibe from the guy…


I’ve been enjoying the limited time “fight Thanos” event they’re doing, not so much for the Thanos part, but for its accelerated pace. The first storm hits as the bus arrives, and everything is much quicker paced. Much less of the mid-game wandering-and-hiding.


I like Dakotaz way more on the family friendly side of things and on the decent person, but lots of profanity end of things, CDNthe3rd is a riot.


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