Forty years of hip hop masterfully cut up into one song


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very impressive.

the final lyric sampled contains volumes of meaning:


Gee, that was neato! I give it a 10 because it had a good beat and you could dance to it.


Can we make it a 4yr long track?


Not to say that this sort of mash-up is easy to construct, but hip-hop seems specially suited for this type of compilation.

With the lyrics so closely synced with the beat, it’s hard for me to imagine another form of music flowing together this well, from so many sources.

A wonderful slice of hip-hop history.


I think in part it’s because hip-hop genres tend to have a well-established cadence that makes it easier to snip together. There wasn’t a lot of genre mixing, which makes sense. Combining your average G-Funk and Crunk song would be extremely tricky.

That said there was definitely some tone and speed shifting done to the songs to maintain a consistent tempo. Also all of the snippets were really short making it easier to cherry pick parts to snip together.


I guess the 4 year version would include Queen Latifah.


Eclectic Method did this a few years ago as well.


everything’s better with Guru :)


There was a helluva lot more going on here than just cutting stuff together though - many layers of processing went into syncing this up.


I enjoyed this far too much.


Wish I had a playlist of all the songs in that! That was rad The Hood Internet is dope - check out their mixtape #9 my personal favorite


Totally delusional.

There is only one history of hip hop video worth watching:


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