Fossilized "Dragon of Death" discovered in Argentina

The atmospheric conditions were not terribly different to my knowledge, but they did, as archosaurs, inherit the hyperefficient respiratory system that may have evolved in the relatively lower oxygen environment of the permian.

(Yeah, if i had it to do over, i would be a paleontologist)


that is really cool. thanks!

it seems unfair that we really only get one life to live. three or say nine would be nice. this one would be my “indecisive phase” ( which unfortunately, with just the one life, isn’t a phase at all :crying_cat_face: )


I had ambitions as a teen.

Then I met my uncle’s paleontologist friend.

He managed a Blockbuster.

So i went to film school.

And I ended up a bartender.


touché! :slight_smile:

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