Found: Black Angel, the "lost" film blessed to accompany Empire Strikes Back


Fun fact: Christian went on to direct Battlefield Earth.

And courtesy of The Verge, here’s the original The Empire Strikes Back teaser trailer.

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Some things are better forgotten.

More on topic: Hard to draw any conclusions from the brief clip. It’ll be interesting to see what folks think of it without the opening-act effect.

“Introducing Landau Calrissian”


Saw Battlefield in the theatre, it was well filmed, just the screenplay was awful. And somehow I recall liking the book.

Christ, did Lucas have no say in this thing? What a POS!

All I remember was brutal filters, gloomy lighting and dutch angles every second shot. I can only imagine the director was being directed…

as you imply: a forgone conclusion, considering the source’s author

From what I’ve read the movie was actually reasonably faithful to the source material. Which makes sense, considering that it was made by Scientologists. It would be like offering Mel Gibson exclusive rights to make an adaptation of a novel written by Jesus.

I remember an excoriating review of Battlefield Earth in (Good old Days) White Dwarf by, I think, David Brin. Put me off Hubbard for life, thankfully.

It actually wasn’t, but given the enormous size of the book there was no way to be faithful without making it a 3 movie series - and lets be thankful that didn’t happen :smiley:

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