Fox blames Nancy Pelosi and Biden for home invasion attack on her Paul Pelosi

“Next on Fox News, Nelson Muntz investigates why Democrats won’t stop hitting themselves, on The Smell Ya Later Report.”


Of course they fucking did. Malicious assholes.


Honestly surprised Fox isn’t posting Democratic lawmakers’ home addresses and demanding their disciples start slaughtering the infidels.

I guess they’ll start after MTG does it this weekend.


That would immediately become Fox News’ most intellectually stimulating and journalistically valid show.


Oh, that’s unfair - it’s totally more complicated than that. I mean, who on the left gets blamed for any particular situation? The Left as a whole? “Socialists”? Antifa? Democrats? Particular Democrats, e.g. Nancy Pelosi? You gotta know the exact level of specificity to use for different types of blame… The Left being to blame for everything is pretty much the starting premise for… well, Fox news itself.


Funny, just this morning I said to a friend “Specificity is the soul of hatred”


At first i was going to say it’s not Fox News it’s “Hatin” Caitlyn then i read the top of the chyron. Caitlyn Jenner | Fox News Contributor.

When did Jenner become an expert on security and does Fox News ever interview anybody that doesn’t work for them or they seem to support politically?

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More like, “Why weren’t they carrying mace to protect themselves?” but yeah, completely disgusting. Like all victim blaming.

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