Fox Business viewers rush to buy $2 bill with Trump's mugshot for $20

Shipping and handling is $12.25 for FIVE bills in their special envelopes.

And that’s a BARGAIN considering that S&H is $4.95 for a single bill! Such a deal!


“A fool and their money are soon parted”, said Thomas Tusser.

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Give me a minute or two and a little privacy and I could put Trump’s likeness on a few bills for a whole lot cheaper. :crazy_face:


Purchased in the form of coins, checks and cards, as part of a “Trump Rebate Banking System”, Trump Bucks were sold as a potentially highly valuable tender…

One man told NBC he invested $2,200 in Trump Bucks and other merchandise, only to find the Trump Bucks were useless when he tried to cash them in at a bank.

I can’t even feel schadenfreude, because these people are just so pathetic. (Not only were they buying fake currency/credit cards/“gold” coins, they thought they were buying them for a fraction of their “true” worth because Trump wants to reward them.)


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