Fox hosts repeat their Hillary lies verbatim over the years in this creepy overlap video

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With an audience so lacking in critical thinking skills and adult attention spans, why should these overpaid scumbags put in any real effort?


Lather, rinse, repeat.


I’m surprised they bothered to re-record instead of just playing the old footage again.


Work up in to a lather, rinse of cash, repeat. For the con-men, rubes are the gift that keeps on giving.



It’s weird to see Fox continue to tell lies about Hillary that have turned out to be true about Trump… which of course never get a mention - or if they do, it’s in the context of not being a big deal. The Fox “News” weirdly obvious double standards never fail to give me a headache as I try to grapple with the cognitive dissonance.


Why should it, when Trump is “dear leader” and Hilary is a woman who is trying to upset the natural order of things.


I expect nothing less than the absolute worst from Fox*, but the cognitive dissonance involved will never stop being weird for me.

*That way I can be pleasantly surprised. Hey, it might happen some day.


I still can’t get over how Trump, a notorious thrice-married serial philanderer who had recently been exposed on tape bragging about sexual assault, went up on stage during the 2016 campaign to float baseless accusations about Hillary cheating on Bill.


There was a mini-economy built around “exposing the Clintons” that was basically Republican operatives going around Arkansas interviewing anyone who wanted to complain about Bill and Hillary, drunk guys in bars who would share any rumor they’d heard-- drug running, money laundering, the “Clinton Death list”, etc. With the exception of Bill’s sexual affairs none of this stuff had any basis in fact. When Hillary mentioned “a vast right-wing conspiracy”, David Brock said it all clicked in his mind, that IS what he’d been involved with.

This is the world conservatives inhabit now. This is reality to them.


Are you sure that Fox hosts are real people and not AI CGI constructs? The do seem to have much in common with animatronic character bands.


Actual malice.


If only Evil Hilary had succeeded in destroying Hair Furor… what a lamentable state of affairs we were left with.

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It was so completely gross, and part of what made it so gross was that it wasn’t even seen as hypocrisy because the gender double standard was working some serious overtime there. The undisputed fact that he did certain things just wasn’t seen as being as bad as the wild, unsupported accusation that she might have done something similar.* And while the society is pretty open about having wildly double standards about faithfulness and sexual activity, those double standards pretty clearly encompass every other aspect of men and women’s behavior and what constitutes a “scandal.”

*And Trump knew it - he always attacks people based solely on what he thinks will resonate with his audience. Which means it’s irrelevant if he does it himself because it’s not that he’s actually morally outraged, he just pretends to be. (But if something he did in the past made people upset, that became fodder for future accusations against others…) It also means Trump sometimes gets it wrong and his accusations are real head-scratchers, because he’s fundamentally a weirdo with weird notions of what people will respond to, so he throws out tons of bizarre, random accusations to see if anything hits home for the audience.

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Old folks love the Greatest Hits. They know all the words and shake their fists along in time, reminiscing about days of rage gone by. Oh if only they could work in a Benghazi angle, for old times sake.


But remember, it’s the Left that’s got “Trump Derangement Syndrome”…


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