Jeanine 'box wine' Pirro sloshily drags Bill Barr on Fox News, as MAGA devours itself (VIDEO)

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Leftists for the last two years: Barr is corrupt!

Trump supporters for the last four days: Barr is corrupt!

Weird how all these people Trump’s hired start out as the best people and then turn out to be corrupt only after they don’t agree with his claims…


LOL @ the “Maxine Drunkroom” comment


the best description i’ve read is the concept of “dignity wraithing” similar to the way the rings of power in lord of the ring would turn their human wielders into wraiths over time, so trump does that to respectable people’s dignity.


where is the clip where she says “Trump should reciprocate”? I can’t find it among all his retweets of people retweeting him (gotta love the convenient Twitter interface)

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“Everybody dies.”—Bill Barr


After all of the other pain and damage this stinking lot of greedy white pigs have inflicted on this country, this world now we have to watch them wallow naked in the filth and slime they created. They’re still talking their trashy bravado hoping it’ll make them a buck but it’s beginning to dawn on the lot of them that perhaps the swamp is in fact getting drained. Maybe the rush of vulgar power is wearing down and the sound in the background is the levees of lies and hatred giving way. Maybe they’re all screaming as they realize they’ll soon be streaks in the toilet bowl that the right wing has become. Hope you swine hoarded enough toilet paper to tidy up. None of the court papers have helped. And donnie, poor little pouting baby, all your "friends are trying to save their own sorry asses and leaving you to throw your fit and break everything you can. It’s all over your pathetic face crying as your pretend power is crashing. Maybe you should run donnie, maybe there will be consequences you can’t escape any more. Run donnie, maybe Vlad will take you in till he gets all of useful information out of you then serves you a cup of special tea.


glad Jeanine could make it to camera in time after so soon after attending the Prom.


For Trumpers, not agreeing with Trump is all the evidence needed that they are corrupt. It’s totally a cult, in a very literal sense.

The dirty secret is that they were never actually respectable to begin with. (Some) people just politely pretended they were, ignoring all evidence to the contrary.


Lara Trump: ‘Governor Kemp owes his position to President Trump’

Lara Trump, of course, famously got her position on the strength of her talents as an - ummmm - anyone?


The logic of dictatorships applies. The leader is never wrong and can never fail. He can only be failed or betrayed by other people.


As a fact-denying toadie loyalist to Donald Trump. Which makes her a member of the Best People Club.

/Trump Logic


I presume Donnie’s going to shit can Fat Billy Barr for showing he was more loyal to the GOP than to Donnie and let Judge Jeanine be AG for a couple of weeks.


Ask not for whom the Long Knife stabs…


Kemp is a self-made man in the grandest American tradition. Without any help from trump, he purged over a million voters and single-handedly oversaw his own corrupt election. Credit where credit is due.


This!! What has been allegedly done to their ‘dignity’ demonstrates they had no true dignity to start with. Proximity to Trump is corrosive. Anyone with any true dignity would have kept themselves at a very safe distance.


I used to comment constantly that those of us on the left were prone to eating our own. Seeing this behavior on the right is eye-opening. It’s not so much the sliding scale of “loyalty” and more that people are petulant children all around. But, as a petulant child myself, I’m looking forward to seeing more of it on the right.


Anyone who can’t see how a bootlicker like Barr is suddenly turned on because Dear Leader said so, and is ok with it, is just too far gone.

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Can we get someone to put an ignition interlock device on the power switch for the cameras used to film Ms. Pirro’s show?


Nah, he was more loyal to himself, which is really a very Trumpian attribute. He seems to think carrying out a coup might cross some line that puts him in jeopardy, when in fact he crossed that line way back when he wrote the distorted summary of the Mueller Report.