Fox News accidentally puts up a poll graphic that shows how they are the least trusted network


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As almost always the case with Fox News, reporting the truth is accidental.


Even a broken clock tells the truth twice a day.


“Wait. How did those facts get in here?”


This is not the Fake News you were looking for.


A head (or two) will roll… but FOX won’t report that. Because… fact!




If you watch the whole segment, the infographic is intentionally displayed and discussed later. So it wasn’t a secret, it was just brought up at the wrong time. And it’s not comparing media outlets against each other, but media outlets individually against Trump. The Fox number is so low because so many Fox viewers said they trust both Fox and Trump equally, which is not included in the graphic. So the only story here is that this infographic sucks.


Technically I trust Fox News and Trump equally, because I don’t trust either one at all.


Hey you;'re misquoting W. George Bush said “even a broken clock is right once a day”


“This is not the graphic we’re looking for – hold off. Take that down please!”

I don’t blame him. If I was putting up a graphic showing that my network’s viewers were rubes I’d want to have my BS spin ready to go.


I don’t under patand that chart at all. What does the “Trump” column mean?



He was probably thinking of those fancy 24 hour clocks they use in the air national guard.


I’m sure the human supercomputers who watch Faux News will have instantly processed these numbers, even without an angry white guy in Tammy Faye Bakker makeup yelling the correct interpretation at them.


Here’s the story behind the poll:

Apparently they asked each respondent the following questions:

  1. Who do you trust more? CNN (48%); Il Douche (35%); both equally (13%); [no opinion] (4%)
  2. Who do you trust more? MSNBC (45%); Il Douche (32%); both equally (16%); [no opinion] (7%)
  3. Who do you trust more? Fox (30%); Il Douche (20%); both equally (37%); [no opinion] (13%)

While the main result shows that Dolt 45 is trusted less than all three networks by those in the overall sample who didn’t trust them equally (before taking into account political affiliation, which skews things wildly), it also does end up comparing the trustworthiness the overall sample has for each network.


So how does one read those poll results? 30% of respondents trust Fox News, and 20% Trump…? What?


Same question I had.

I refer you to the post right before yours for an explanation. It was an odd poll.


I can see what they’re trying to do, but it is odd and made worse by the incomplete infographic and probably further muddled by whatever spin Kurtz tried to put on it.

The “both equally” would have been further enhanced by breaking things down by negative or positive impression of both the “president” and the news outlet in question. I’m curious what portion of that 37% thinks that both Fox and and Dolt-45 are liars and what portion thinks both are telling the truth (they can’t all be the latter kind of rube).


Also see @whiterhino’s post further above (post #8)