Fox news feigns indignation at VP Harris for not saluting honor guard

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After you had Trump saluting enemy generals, it’s not surprising that Fox thinks everyone should be saluting everyone.

Really the president shouldn’t even be saluting the military, but since Reagan did it and everyone pretended it was acceptable, now there’s the obligation, even though it’s wrong.


Yeah, I think Reagan asked a general if he could return salutes, and the general was like “Who’s going to stop you?”


If Harris did salute, we all know Faux News would berate her for stolen valor, even their viewers.

Republicans accuse progressives of identity politics - by which they mean tribalism, not the personal is political which they deliberately misconstrue - because it’s precisely what Republicans themselves practice. Where others have principles, the GOP has a howling moral vacuum.


Faux “News” are idiots. That is all.


I’m generally okay with the POTUS saluting the military in his or her official capacity as C-in-C, though I can see why others object to civilian leadership saluting military.

Either way, VPOTUS, outside the chain of command, would have no business saluting, and Harris has enough respect for the uniformed service-members not to insult them by doing so. Unlike Cadet Bone Spurs who’s fine with letting a neo-Tsar put bounties on their heads.


Towers of dignity and respect, these Repugnicans.


The UK’s Commander in Chief returns the salute.

She also has all the long-term service medals going.

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IIRC, Presidents didn’t salute for the longest time either. I wanna say Reagan changed that, but not sure.

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Oh look, here is video footage of Dick Cheney disembarking an airplane without saluting the honor guard. I’m sure this must have caused quite a fuss at Fox News back in the day, right?



I was really struggling to figure out why the uniformed guards were saluting the VP, a civilian. Best I could find was this, but it explains pretty well and allegedly authoritatively. In case anyone else was wondering:

“It is required to salute a superior officer, and that officer is similarly required to reciprocate. It is required to salute the civilian authorities commanding all military forces, aka the aforementioned SecDef and CinC. It is optional but gentlemanly to salute any lady (or man) with whom a male (or female) naval or marine officer interacts while in uniform. Saluting of children while in uniform was also permissible and tacitly encouraged if it would delight or entertain the children in question.”


Fox is just upset that they had to pretend his embarrassing idiocy was normal, and now the Democrats aren’t continuing it, it’s making them look bad.


Yeah, the next N in line to the throne who are adults have all done some form of military time.

On the one hand, undemocratic. On the other hand, the last Commander in Chief in the USA bragged that anyone clever enough managed to dodge the Vietnam draft.

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