General Mark Milley sorry for posing with Trump in combat uniform after protesters gassed by goons

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Further proof that don trump can call them “his generals” all he wants, but at the end of the day, the top brass owe an allegiance ONLY to the Constitution and the American people. SDNY is waiting for you donny boy!!


Problem is, none of these characters (people in positions of power in this administration) thinks first and refuses to participate in 45’s reality show tactics. It’s like newspapers smearing people on the front page, and then printing a retraction days later buried near the cartoons and classified ads.

I’m beyond sick and tired of these apologies and the people who make them. :roll_eyes:


Or like when fox news airs a blatantly false story, and the talking heads pick it up and run with it, and then fox apologizes for the misinformation.

Oh, wait…fox doesn’t do the whole “apologize” thing. They’d much rather just start waving the next shiny thing 45 says in front of their viewers because that old misinformation was…heck…a whole few days ago. Get over it libtards! And don’t forget Benghazi!


Here comes the disparaging “you’re fired” tweet in 3, 2, 1…


Great, I suppose, and good for him for having the intellectual and moral honesty at this point to speak up…BUT holy shit, how about displaying some moral courage at the time these decisions are being made?

You’re the goddamn Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for fuck’s sake! If we can’t expect you to speak up when something like this is happening in the total absence of any actual danger to the participants, how the hell can you expect any soldier to use their own brains when it comes to illegal orders?


Do you think? You know what else creates that impression? The fucking President saying he will send in the military to put down the protesters, and nobody in the military contradicting him at that moment.


To charge him with what? Just asking in case I’ve missed something. Also, fuck that orange buffoon!

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The apology is nice and all, but how stupid does someone have to be at this point not to know that you are going to be used for propaganda purposes by Trump. That is the only purpose for EVERY event that is staged by Combover Caligula. If the General hasn’t figured that out, I question how good his strategic planning skills might be, and his inability to perceive what is going on around him makes his position as head of the Joint Chiefs questionable.


Since they only seem to care about money, the standard response should be an infographic with how much Congressional time and taxpayer money was spent on partisan investigations. Right next to that, there should be a listing time and money spent on the healthcare plan that was supposed to replace the ACA. The icing on the cake would be something on the budget deficit, like this:


They only care about money when it suits their needs, otherwise we would have “Medicare for all” by now.

Also, fighting them with facts just doesn’t seem to work. They just twist it to become fake facts and continue on with their rampage of stupidity.


Yup. No matter whether you are for or against Trump, if you show up on his radar you are getting fucked over.


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How embarrassing for Trump.


They just did it out of sight and behind the president’s back.


Maybe it’s just me, but my initial reaction is, “Not good enough.”


I appreciate all the comments about how Milley shouldn’t have been there in the first place and it’s always easier to apologize, too little too late, etc. etc… however, I actually think this is a much higher profile act that is a much worse look for Trump right now than had the General simply & privately declined to participate. We never would have heard about it.

For Trump to have such a public rift with the current military leadership is, at best, a horrendous gaffe and could mark the real beginning of the end. Even in a democracy, there are few leaders in history who didn’t at least have a grudging, silent respect from their military leadership. They have probably had misgivings about him since he first uttered the words “my generals.” To go public with those is a much bigger deal. I don’t think Trump has the intellect to process that. Firing the General can win points at his base, but if he has lost he respect of almost all of the military, that base is dwindling considerably.


Fully on board. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Milley had gone to the command centre, also. And figuring he had seen the last of the White House for the day, he made a decision he later regretted – changing from his dress uniform, which is standard for a White House visit, to his battle fatigues, everyday wear at the Pentagon and when mixing with troops. Milley figured he would have a long night, including time with troops on the street.

I was wondering which troops he going to spend time with, but the DC National Guard is in a funny position, and he’s probably in their chain of command even when they’re not called up for national service.


He didn’t just apologize, he also sent a communique to the all the Chiefs of Staff directing them to remind every member of entire US military it is their duty to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, specifically mentioning the right to free speech and assembly.