Fox News hires tiny little people to work on gigantic iPads for new set



Tiny people, or just small minds?


Actually, those workstations look pretty cool.

Yes, I too wish to sit two feet from the heat of a huge monitor and lift my entire arm to tap on a point instead of gesturing with a mouse.


If my boss replaced my computer with something designed to be telegenic and still expected me to get my work done I would be un-pleased.

From Wikipedia:

The Jargon File dictionary of hacker slang defined “gorilla arm” as
the failure to understand the ergonomics of vertically mounted
touchscreens for prolonged use. By this proposition the human arm held
in an unsupported horizontal position rapidly becomes fatigued and
painful, the so-called “gorilla arm”.[32] It is often cited as a prima
facie example of what not to do in ergonomics. Vertical touchscreens
still dominate in applications such as ATMs and data kiosks in which
the usage is too brief to be an ergonomic problem.[33]

They’re running Windows 8 BTW.


To say nothing of spending my workdays reading lines of 48-pt text spread out over some 110 degrees of my field of vision. My eyeballs would be dangling from their stalks before lunchtime.


You may have inadvertently hit upon a good idea: a heated keyboard.

I’ve worked a few places where they have the AC blasting full bore and my fingers are frigid. A nice warm surface to type on… that wouldn’t be that bad. Little leather wrist rest, tasteful stitching…


“…it takes a lot of tools…” yep couldn’t put it better myself Shep.


It’s good to see somebody running Windows 8

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So the big innovations are they’re using oversized touchscreens for Windows 8 (or something similar), a wiimote for another screen, and a gigantic version of a Kanban/Trello board.

Wow. The workflow issues alone. Not even considering the eyestrain of sitting that close to a giant panel of brightness or the inevitable gorilla arms, but the inefficiency of having to gesticulate one’s arms around a giant-ass screen to do anything. I feel sorry for the ahem journalists that now have to perform stunts on live TV instead of just doing their jobs.


I agree they look cool. Completely impractical though. I wouldn’t mind having something similar as an ancillary set up to my normal monitor/desktop set up but I’d WANT it to be much smaller than that.

It’s also quite striking that Fox feels that the principle job of a modern news organization is to vet tweets.


Of course the other part of it is that everyone will now be watched continuously as they do their jobs, in case something interesting pops up and the director commandeers your workstation.

I’m amused that people (fox viewers) will believe that fox has advanced technology.


Why not? Tweeters are oftentimes first to break news stories, are right there, often offer pictures or video, and can get you more sensitive information faster than someone with press credentials.

It’s silly how we criticize news media for being “buggy whips” with newspapers, and then completely ignore the fact that people are spouting newsworthy events on twitter on a daily basis.

At some point, OSHA will demand some arm support for the poor journos, somebody will have the bright idea of thin elastic supportive bands connecting their forearms to the ceiling to relieve the shoulder effort, and suddenly everything about Fox News’ “journalists” will be ever so much plainer.


Why move your whole forearm, with a trackball all you need to move is one digit.


I see your iPad Venti and raise you a MaxiPad.


Why move anything? Can’t I make up fake news by just using my imagination, with no physical effort at all?

Ahh… I guess that would give away the game. This way, no one can say actual effort isn’t being invested.