Magical ring turns your arm into a track pad


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ok, I guess, but a mouse turns my arm into an actually usable user interface device…


Hmmm. Trackpads are mushy enough at the best of times. I really have trouble imagining a decent use for this/.


What happens when someone asks: How can we make a gadget even more useless, complicated and expensive that the smart watch?


C’mon, guys, this is totally awesome. Consider how much further back you’re going to be able to pull the Angry Birds slingshot! It’s a whole new game.


Does it work on dicks? I’m asking for a friend.


Dicks, Richards, Williams, Peters…what’s in a name?


Now instead of just carpal tunnel, you’ll get rashes, blisters, and finally calluses on your forearm.


How long till a full size keyboard?


I can’t explain why this is unsettling. It just reminds me of the Borg.



Based on this comment…

I doubt that.


I think the term you’re looking for is “joystick.”


So, it’s basically an invisible Nintendo Glove.


Requires “Smart Cock-Ring.”


That depends. How many pizzas can you eat a day?


“Plug and play technology.”


Perfect for “first-person shooters”


Depends on the dick. Not really Philip Marlowe’s style, but i can see Dick Tracy using it if his wristwatch ever gets updated.


I’m sure they’ll work out the kinks but the lag time in that gif is driving me nuts.