Fox reporter dumbfounded as to why "climate change" is mentioned in Hurricane Ian coverage

Ok, but…you might still notice that hurricanes always come in from warm oceans, and so figure out more of one might be related to the other? Or at least look into it if it’s related to your job? I’m not sure what you are trying to give a pass here.




Or even things like it being a tail end of the summer thing as if heat has something to do with it, for example noticing that you don’t often get hurricanes in February

I think you do need to be deliberately incurious to never draw a line between the place warming up and big, humid storms destroying your house


Pretty commonly, when reporting on hurricanes, newscasters will make comments about “it will pass over an area of warm water, causing it to gain strength.” Anyone who pays any attention to this stuff would have (hopefully) picked up on tis association. :man_shrugging:


I think I see the problem.


How is war a “natural disaster”?

I think you misunderstood. With the “four horsemen” analogy he’s saying war would follow a natural disaster. True, the refugees from Syria/Iraq are fleeing war that wasn’t preceded by a natural disaster or famine, so his argument is not perfect, but I think the “four horsemen ride together” is a valid way of looking at how so much of what’s going on is connected.

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Tangential, but the idiocracy concept wasn’t about “forgetting.” As funny as the movie was, it was a eugenic fear that intelligence will be bred out because it is smarter to have fewer kids so smarter people have few or no kids and stupid people have lots of kids.

But the other part of idiocracy, and the part I think @Carla_Sinclair was referring to, is ridiculing people (in the movie it’s homophobic ridiculing) for sounding smart. Fox News does that, for sure.

… OK right, so as I said the downward slide was unintentional and people didn’t know any better

I didn’t see the movie but my impression has been there was no malevolent force making things worse on purpose, which is what Fox is


Actually, while Syria was not really a great place, the war and refugee crisis didn’t get going until an unprecedented long and harsh drought completely ruined rural regions and destabilized the country. The sort that scientists say would almost never happen, except for climate change. So it’s a really good example of how these things follow one another.


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