FoxNews "rainbow fentanyl reporting" was so effective that no children died

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I passed out Mexican candy this year, straight from TJ. Happy to say it was orange, lime, and strawberry-flavored. Still, I was reluctant to call it candy from Mexico lest I might have given a pause to the childrens’ parents.


Obviously a coordinated effort by lefty librul parents who simply didn’t report the drugs and kept them for themselves. I bet they actually enlisted their kids to go out and score drugs for them.

(Wow. That was remarkably easy to come up with. I could work for Fox.)


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Yep. It’s not only midterms where Murdoch manages to control the conversation.


No giant asteroids hit the Earth yesterday either, be sure and take credit for that too.


My kids were halfway through binging on their candy when I realized I hadn’t looked in their buckets at all. They didn’t even die. To be fair they are both very picky eaters so anything that looked weird or didn’t have a name brand they knew, they probably would not eat anyway. And they’re old enough to not eat anything unwrapped or sus looking. Also I WAY overbought candy, do dentists still collect it to send to troops overseas?


My MIL didn’t buy any candy assortments that included Skittles or Sweet Tarts because “you can’t be too careful” and she didn’t want the neighbors to think that she was handing out drugs.

There’s no hope.


Makes me want to pack pretty little satchels of loose leaf tea to hand out, just to blow some minds. :joy:


Pfffff! I have never done that.

Well, actually I have, but just to get all of the good stuff first, not to look for drugs or razor blades.

The week before Halloween I volunteered for the Littlest Pea’s Book Fair (because Book Fair!!!). One of the moms said that they were having a private trick or treat on the property they share with numerous other family members because of all the “fentanyl craziness”. It was so jarring to hear it from an irl sane person I couldn’t even respond.


I’m sure that’s totally what they do with it


TBH I don’t care what they do with it, I have like, 10,000 pounds of candy in my house, I am really not supposed to eat too much sugar for various health reasons, and I have no willpower when its in the house. That’s why I usually just don’t buy it. Maybe they make Fentanyl with it IDK. I’m about to vacuum seal some of it for Christmas goody bags.

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I sat out in front of my house to give out candy, and my neighbor came over to chat early in the evening. He said he would never let kids trick or treat these days because of all the candy laced with fentanyl.

He also stated that he heard about one house whose owner responded to “trick or treat” by saying “I’ll go for the trick” and that they were lucky the parent didn’t have a gun because they’d have been shot. He implied that the trick thing was sexual, it’s hard to say what the truth was - if there was any. ANYWAY

I can’t understand the reality that this guy, and so many others, are living in. I feel small shame that I didn’t push back about how ridiculous that stuff was. I need to live in peace with him is what I tell myself - and there’s little chance I am the one who can break through whatever mental programming has its grips on him.


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