Fox's Jeanine Pirro in 2016 about Clinton: "We cannot have a country led by a president subject to ongoing criminal investigations"

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Well, she was a SHE. And he is a HE.
Spot the difference?


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But so many boxes of wine have gone by since then.


You can’t bring what I said last week much less years ago!


And she was a Clinton while he is a Trump.


The answer she would give if confronted with this? “Then drop the indictments!” Never misunderestimate how twisted their pretzel logic can get.


To be fair, is Trump currently under investigation? A lot of the investigations seem to have gone or be going to trial at this point.

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Yes. He’s only been charged for the election fraud stuff in one state thus far and at the federal level. He’s still got active investigations against him in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and I think Wisconsin? He’s got active federal investigations as well.

He’s most definitely currently under investigation.


Well they’ve done it. Their DDoS attack of bullshit has completely numbed me to hypocrisy. Naps are all I have now.


It’s unlikely that the number of Trump investigations will ever be able to catch up to Trump’s various crimes as long as he’s still alive and free. It’s a challenge akin to brushing your teeth while you’re eating Oreos.


For a preview of the attacks that will swing back in the near future, especially if Qnuts are able to take over the prosecution/FBI, see what’s going on in South Korea right now. The democratic lead Lee Jae-myung had always been flooded with so much ridiculous investigations for fraud and abuse throughout his political career anyone not paying close attention think “well, there must be something wrong with him, they can’t all be fake,” and the opposition (even by those hungry for power within his own party) is saying right now, “we can’t have a [country / party / a movement] led by someone under so many current investigations.”

They WILL use the same weapons, and when they have their turn, without remorse or any respect to decency or due process of law.

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The point is to hold them accountable so that they cannot do that…


I agree. What I’m saying is be prepared for what comes next, especially because we’ve not been vigilant enough to protect the Judicial branch from being taken over. Next to be vigilant about are the investigative, prosecutorial, and even intelligence offices, not only to protect them from being taken over but also to keep safeguards (and the sense of societal norms) from being eroded, and keep their powers in check.

None the less, Trump has managed to accrue a total of 4 indictments, 2 in federal courts, and the recent spate of sentencing of the most dangerous factions of the insurrection is heartening. They are getting serious time from Federal courts. Despite the attempt to wrestle control of the federal judiciary by the far right, it was never fully successful. Even some of Trump’s appointees have not been willing to rubber stamp his coup attempt.

I agree that a threat still exists, but if the bad actors are held accountable, then that’s less of a threat.


… I was in a hurry :frowning:


Mark, you keep forgetting that it’s okay if you’re a Rebublican.
Whatever “it” is at the time.

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Yes. Opportunity to prove that our system works. However, the recent example of South Korea has shown, presidents can be sent to prison, and then pardoned the next time their side takes control, even with popular opposition to any such action. Those cronies pardoned have already announced running for public office (one even for the office they were dismissed because of crimes), and the two former imprisoned presidents have already begun pulling the levers of influence for the next election.

I’m asking us to all look ahead.

This isn’t south Korea, it’s the US… We have different political and social systems. Up until relatively recently, SK was an authoritarian state, so…

Some are already doing that. There is already a discussion ongoing about the 14th amendment. This is most likely all going to put the 14th amendment to the test.

Yes, it’s worth it to be aware, but given that people are already being convicted and some are going to serve lengthy sentences and that he’s gotten 4 (and counting) indictments is encouraging. No one is saying that it’s all fine, but there is reason to be hopeful that our system will pass this particular stress test, and maybe even allow for more progressive change in the future.

Nothing is certain, and the idea of looking ahead goes both ways here. Just giving in and assuming that he’ll get off and become president again isn’t foreordained.

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That’s one reason the Georgia case is so important. Even a sympathetic POTUS can’t pardon Trump for state crimes. Also, since Georgia is one of the few states that limits the power of clemency to a board of (theoretically) nonpartisan appointees, a Republican governor wouldn’t be able to help him either.

But even if Trump’s pardon was a sure thing we have a duty to see the legal process through as far as it can go. We may not be able to control the actions of a theoretical future President, but we can try to do the right thing here and now.