France trolls Trump on decision to withdraw from Paris Accord

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I would not be surprised if Trump ended up not being invited.[/quote]
That would be a reason to wait for someone else to hold the office. I mean, there’s still hope that the USA will still exist after Trump, right?

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Your comment has created a new, nightmarish doubt in my mind!

Damn you!


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My work here is done. /troll


A London Accord would be contentious to quite a lot of the parties involved for entirely different reasons right now. :confused:

I’d be very careful to avoid underestimating the French. The PR Director where I used to work was a French immigrant who had been a teen during the war. I learned from a colonel in Air Force intelligence that this guy had the French Legion of Honor for killing over 200 German occupation soldiers with his bare hands. Do not screw with the French.

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Sigh. Yet again demonstrating what a terrible medium Twitter is for longer form postings like this. Some interesting points but oh so painful to read.


Interesting indeed but it’s a small aspect of the narrative (lies) Trump use to fog his decisions.

No offense, but American presidents never had that right. The free world, by definition, is that part of the world where we elect our own leaders. The “leader of the free world” stuff was mildly offensive when there were nice and sensible people holding that office. Now, at least, the free world can openly laugh at this notion.


We have crossed a threshold when Twitter becomes the medium of diplomacy. Jury is out on whether it is good or not.

So Russia is still in the Accord, right?

Don’t be absurd. There’s no way an entire country could fit into a car.


Can we be sure about this?


It turned out that everyone kept using that word, but it did not mean what they thought it meant.

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According to the Washington Post, Macron’s handshake was the ‘final straw’ in deciding whether to withdraw from the accord. Our baby president had his feelings hurt, so his revenge is to fuck the planet.

If he needed a nudge, though, one came from France over the weekend. Macron was quoted in a French journal talking about his white-knuckled handshake with Trump at their first meeting in Brussels, where the newly elected French president gripped Trump’s hand tightly and would not let go for six long seconds in a show of alpha-male fortitude.

“My handshake was not innocent,” Macron said. He likened Trump to a pair of authoritarian strongmen — Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — and said that he was purposefully forceful because he believed his encounter with Trump was “a moment of truth.”

Hearing smack-talk from the Frenchman 31 years his junior irritated and bewildered Trump, aides said.


Not sure about Munich. In terms of diplomacy, this rings certain bells nobody likes to hear again. Ever.

My take on the right wing hatred of France is that it all comes to not letting us fly over France when we wanted to bomb Libya and later when we wanted to invade Iraq. Freedom fries anyone?

I’m actually surprised to hear that there would be debate at all about this. Is his family objecting to him being moved? Because he would seem to qualify without question.

There’s the issue of his trying to turn against the Republic at some point. Not that it was going well at the time, but it’s still viewed as traitorous by some.

Oh, yeah, I get it now. Still…come on: fighting against an oppressive government was basically his skill set!

No argument on my part, really.
He also drafted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (with some help from his friend Thomas Jefferson), a text that still has constitutional value in France to this day and inspired many similar texts.

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