U.S. sits all alone as Syria becomes final country left to join Paris climate accord


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It soesn’t matter. The reich wing knows science and the rest of the world is wrong.


Sitting in the corner, jerking off while the house burns to the ground.


Pathetic and embarrassing and backwards, like everything else about this regime.


We’re number one! We’re number one!



Actually, slightly prouder to be a Californian today:


Trump is showing off to Kim Jong Il how isolationism truly works.


The fact that every country in the world signed on to this is frankly amazing - it’s impossible to get everyone to sign onto anything, no matter how much you’d think everyone could agree on it. You could have an anti-baby-eating declaration, and some countries would respond with, “I don’t know… it sounds like part of a secret political ploy to increase the youth vote” or some shit. So the fact that every. single. country. in. the world. has signed on, except the US, is rather a big fucking deal, regardless of what it was about. That it’s literally about the future of the planet… the rest of the world isn’t going to forget this. Unfortunately, with almost everything that Trump is fucking up, it’ll be years before the impact is truly felt.


In related news…

Key quote:

Many delegates are unhappy with White House plans to promote fossil fuels here as a “solution” to climate change.


Outside the US, Trump is something of a unifying figure.


Exactly. The problem with Trump supporters and the like is that, to them, being the only country that does something is a good thing, no matter what it is.


American exceptionalism at its best


Dear Paris & Friends,
It’s not that we don’t want to sign up and join something as important as the Paris Climate Accord. You’ve done nothing wrong, we still like you. You see, the person that we hired to represent our best interests was, well, not who we actually elected. Someone else had the popular vote, but the middlemen between them and us decided he should get the chair rather than whom we actually wanted. So, benny hill music aside, it’s kind of a rough situation. We’ve got this person that works for us, but doesn’t do what we ask him to.

I hope you understand and don’t overlook us just because of this.

United States.


Well, in this case there was already unity - Syria only didn’t sign because they were busy with their civil war, and Nicaragua always supported the idea, even if they thought the particular implementation was weak. But yeah, on other issues, he certainly is. Bigly.


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