France's most famous twins die from Covid after refusing vaccines

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Known for their extraordinary handsomeness

Seriously? So the pictures in the article of some other pair of twins, I assume? Look, I’m not exactly a judge of standard beauty criteria, I just don’t get it, but even I have to question that statement.


Well, on their planet…



They were more conventionally handsome once upon a time. All the articles about the changes they made are from the dailyfail and similar tabloids, so I won’t link. This is a screenshot of a pic of them on the tv show that made them famous


… I’m assuming the Mick Jagger is the pinnacle of handsomeness? 'cause to my eyes, that’s what they look like- bad parodies of Jagger’s face.


Ok, yeah, I can see it in that picture. To be clear, I don’t get conventional attractiveness anyway, but the initial pictures just don’t match what I usually see described as handsome, whereas the one you posted “fits.”


I wonder if their unnamed ‘treatments’ were carried out by whoever ’treated’ the woman often called ‘the bride of Wildenstein’? There’s a bizarre resemblance.


After debating with myself over if I was going to regret looking her up, I did, albeit in incognito mode. Hmm. I can see a little similarity with the Bogdanoff twins, but I’m more struck by her resemblance to Dennis ‘Stalking Cat’ Avner. I met Dennis a few times; rather interesting person, although not someone I personally would seek to imitate. I should be clear, I do not find these people innately unattractive, I just know they don’t fit what I usually see called attractive, thus my questioning the description.

My criteria for attractive actively includes things like attitude, so I don’t care what their physical qualities are, once they start refusing COVID vaccinations (without good cause), they’ve crossed into unattractive territory.


It’s like they each took a carnival caricature of Mick Jagger to a plastic surgeon’s office and said, “make me look like that”…

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The Bogdanoff twins were also deeply loved by the cyrpto scene too, which sort of makes sense. A lot of of libertarian/antivax crossover there too. Bogdanoff crypto-meme twins pass away at age 72


“Extraordinary handsomeness”? I do not think you are using these words correctly.

They look like caricatures of a Ventriloquist’s dummy.

“the brothers were sometimes questioned as to whether they’d further improved their appearance through plastic surgery” Um were people sober when they asked that?

Not surer “improved” is “le mot just” here. They’ve got Dudley Do-right’s chin.


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