Frankfurt cancels Roger Waters concert

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He’s been using the Israel Pig Balloon for more than a decade in his shows and Jewish groups have been condemining it and him for at least as long.

It’s shameful that it took his coming out as a tankie in regard to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for society in general to see him for the arsehole and sub-par thinker he is.

Up next, Roger Waters blames the Jews for getting him cancelled.


Another great white boomer man cancelled and silenced by the woke mob! When will it end?!!!/s


Depends what you mean by “censorship.” It’s one thing for governments to say his bigotry is a criminal offense, but if sponsors and venues choose not to host an anti-semite then that’s a perfectly reasonable choice.

No one is owed a concert tour, just as no racist transphobic MAGA creep is owed a space on any given newspaper’s comics page.


Hopefully the supply of White Boomers will run out; I mean, how many can there be left?


Yeah, Munich disinvited him as well. There had already been trouble brewing for his anti-Israel stance, as it didn’t have any of the nuance he claims it has. Sure, he may be anti-Tory, anti-Trump, but he’s also too deep up his own asshole of self-righteousness.

It does taint his earlier work as not being full of compassion as it is full of self-pity. I tried to follow his post-Floyd career, but his albums are just, well, boring screeds.


A good description of most brocialists and “dirtbag leftists”. Empty nostalgia also can play a part, as we’ve seen with Corbyn. None of these types help the cause of social justice.


Yeah, isn’t this exactly what free speech advocates usually say should happen? We don’t need regulation because people will just shun those who push things too far and refuse to do business with them.


The “free marketplace of ideas” is just as bogus and rigged as any other “free” market touted by Libertarians and free speech absolutists. Elon Musk’s Twitter shows it up for the lie it is: we won’t kick off Nazis but we will ban anyone who upsets our thin-skinned billionaire owner.

Waters will still find venues to play in, some of them quite large and some of them solely on the basis that he’ll make them money. But others won’t and he’ll still whinge about being cancelled in the “free marketplace of ideas”.


People such as white supremacists often exploit the MOI concept as both a defense against “censorship” and to provide an entry point for others to accept their ideas. Richard Spencer, a prominent white nationalist, is on the board of directors on an organization called Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI). The executive director of FMI is Kyle Bristow, a man that the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IREHR) [says] promotes theories about white genocide, discrimination against European Americans, invited white nationalist speakers while he was a student at Michigan State, and organized numerous bigoted publicity stunts, including “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day” (cancelled), a “straight power” rally, and a “Koran desecration contest”’ (among many other things).


For a crowd that so loudly proclaims its love of freedom, Libertarians do find themselves frequently making common cause with fascists.


In numerous interviews in magazines and newspapers, and on television, radio and podcasts (whatever those are, he will think to himself, but his publicist says it’s important he go on the Joe Rogan show). There will be Op Ed pieces defending him against “the woke mob”, in addition to the posts made to his Twitter and Facebook accounts by his media team and read, liked and retweeted by his (I imagine hundreds of thousands? Millions?) of followers. His next record, if you listen carefully, will be mostly about his cancellation. Trump will use, with permission, Another Brick in The Wall as his campaign anthem.

Shit. Maybe I should get cancelled. It seems like a pretty sweet deal.


I think the song goes
We don’t need no regulation
We don’t need no woke control


Of course, but opposing consequences when they do happen requires some explanation.


One freedom that American Libertarians value is the right to discriminate. I think that you introduced me to this doofus.


I’m familiar with Hoppe, but it was probably @the_borderer who made your introduction to this disreputable character. This is the kind of “intellectual” who, if he lowered himself to reading SF novels, would see the world of Snow Crash as a utopia. Probably not a fan of Gentleman’s Agreement, either.

I will say that Libertarians also value the ability to make money, especially in a zero-sum game. Which is very compatible with the core value you mention above.




Interestingly the song requires almost no modification to perfectly reflect support for the policies that DeSantis is putting into place in Florida’s education system. You just have to read it slightly differently and not assume good intent

Edited to make it clear that I meant the lyrics could be read as support


Along with others being unable to discriminate against them.


That put him from “Says unfortunate things, but probably means well” to “Fuck no, he’s not worth the time”.