Freak hail storms blow out car windows, blast through home roofs in Texas and Oklahoma

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Could be God smiting them. I’m sure that is what the people being smote would say if it happened to a liberal area.


…due to climate change.

I wish every dramatic weather headline ended with that phrase. While it’s true that no specific storm can be pinned on climate change, people need to understand that is why these events are worse and more common. This is the real cost of doing nothing, and it’s only the beginning.


Only baseballs? Wake me when it’s the size of canned hams.


Just off the phone with Dog, he didn’t do it.


Thinking car shelters might be a good biz to get into right now.


Here come the carpetbaggers! Any folks in Texas, vet your home or car repair people carefully. For scammers, events like this are manna from heaven.


Absolutely this. TX and OK deserve this divine retribution for the way they’re treating transgender folks and their families. The goddesses are PISSED at the legislative bigots, and making it known.


they need their vehicles modded like this

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How is something that is bound to happen in that part of the country sooner or later considered freakish?

I live in California, and don’t consider the inevitable disastrous earthquakes a freak occurrence…we know they are bound to happen here.

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The scale, scope and damage exceeds the usual hail storms.

Climate change: Bigger, worse, more damage.


The Goddesses need to improve their aim, or at least be a bit more selective. There are plenty of other folks here that are in no need of smiting. In fact, we ought to receive some sort of compensation package for having to live/work in the midst of this Red-state halcyon dream. Too much collateral damage with the smiting.


Otherwise… “WE are being tested!”

God Smote Insurance. (Would God take that personally?)

2021 was certain on-brand last night. It was surreal. We had the screen door open, and heard something akin to a jet flying low from the West and getting closer. It was the sound of the hail pounding everything in it’s path. In an abundance of caution, we went into our shelter as there has been some occasions in the recent past when a tornado has quickly spun-up with no warning. It was deafening. We sustained damage to roof and vehicles. All of our new landscape plants have been rendered to mush. Neighbors have it worse, with every north-facing window shattered. Ask me about the guy the next street over with the newly-restored vintage Airstream. :neutral_face:


Well now he’s got an authentically hail damaged vintage Airstream, like so many of those were.

Using a wide brush, aren’t they?

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