Free Stanford course on surveillance law

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This looks like an exciting course. The law often is as tech does in digital surveillance so it’s a great idea to examine paired cases of law and tech walkthroughs.

And we saw earlier that there are intellectual property issues embedded in surveillance law since forensic vendors who sell to and train expert witnesses for law enforcement rely on proprietary code. Maybe some actual federal briefing and transcripts of cross-examinations of expert witnesses on the source code issue will be included in the course?

This material would make a terrific wiki which would also further, er … nonlinearize the time commitment … open the discussion more. It’s cool to see there’s no admission fee and that it’s CC licensed and remix friendly. …

Stanford! Seems like they can just roll around in free time over there like a bunch of happy seals on the sunny rocks. :smiley_cat:

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I hope they’re tracking the people taking this course. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


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