Free talk on surveillance, copyright and DRM tomorrow in Berlin: "PINEAPPLE!"

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Password or safe word?


"No Matter who’s Winning the War on General Purpose Computing, You’re Losing "

No bolder statement has been made, today…

Banana surely.


You heard him the first time. And don’t call me Shirley.


See you tomorrow (in 7 hours)!

If only I could skip work and do the 8 hour drive in 1,5 hours. I would go there in a heartbeat :smiley:

I really want to show up, just so I can walk up to the check-in desk and give almost the right word. “Psst, pinecone”. “No, no, I mean crab apple.”, “Mango?” Do you think they’d let me in?

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And I’m there!

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Nicest talk I’ve heard in quite a while. Thanks again, Cory!

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He is making a play on fruit names?
Ananas is what Berliners call them.

We asked him (specifically, “why not banana”) and it’s actually related to a nice little story which I won’t presume to divulge here without Cory’s permission.

Still can’t believe I spoke to him today! I guess this is what they call being “starstruck.”

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