Freshly severed snake head attacks man who decapitated its body


Bad Idea. Now you have a flying rattler that has a small chance to set things on fire.


You say that like it is a bad thing…




Ironically, he was also rattled.


Dynamite is sometimes used to extinguish fires, it should not ignite a rattlesnake. I am, however, in favor of giving the rattlesnake a flamethrower to even up the odds against the demolitionist.

EDIT: I’m also in favor of “Rattlesnake with a Flamethrower” getting developed into a movie starring Rutger Hauer and Samuel L Jackson.


That guy has had an interesting career arc. Or would you consider it more a parabola?


I’ve found time and time again that this common task can be successfully accomplished using kitchen tongs.


Here I would have thought that one “Picks” up the head with the shovel while keeping that dang think at a good distance due to the extreme jibblies this act induces.


Yes, Littering is bad.


I didn’t even realize that Hobo and Roy from Bladerunner were played by the same actor until I looked up his name today. Maybe he’s just an underutilized talent?


He’s been in more stuff in recent years. He was the Faerie King in True Blood, for example. (As short lived as that was, it was still 8-9 episodes)


Yes, if only there were some utensil designed for scooping things up while maintaining a safe distance and carrying them somewhere to be disposed of (or flung into your neighbor’s yard).


Yeah, but that was LATE True Blood. The series was totally floundering by that point. :smiley:

I actually only watched the first 2 or 3 seasons. Then I read the first book and everything was ruined for me. Still love Rutger, though. I wish he was in more stuff I wanted to see.


'Scuse me while I put my shovel down and go look for something.


When hiking in rattlesnake country in this case, NM), we were instructed to avoid them if possible, but if an aggressive snake had to be killed, bury the head immediately without touching it directly. That gets it out of the way, and keeps it from accidentally envenoming someone, and also moves it out of view of anyone who might be tempted to pick it up.


Should we even be calling it “decapitating” the snake? Because in this case, it seems like we should think of it as “de-tailing” the snake head. The snake is still alive, it just no longer has its body. Before it dies, of course it still bites, that’s about all it can do.

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