Fried chicken chain offers 'Emotional Support Chicken' to ease holiday air travel


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“Poor taste!”

“Tastes great!”


Their chicken is yum - the spicy kind is actually spicy!


Someone over at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s marketing department has a sick sense of humor.

I’m into it


Who knew that chicken could so fun to market? Dawkins could only have imagined that the artifact would be a meme meal.


It’s not the emotional support animal we deserve; it’s the emotional support animal we need.


Keep emotionally supporting that chicken! :flushed:


I don’t get it. What is a ‘support chicken’ and why is it emotional? Because someone is going to eat it?


*chef’s kiss *


I strongly doubt that airlines will let you bring outside food onto their planes (but I’m ready to be proved wrong.)


I’ve never heard of an airline not letting you bring food on a plane and have done so several times myself.


You can bring outside food onto the plane. I see people do it all the time. I do it all the time. Much healthier snacks.


I sometimes bring a sandwich onto flights (and always bring nuts and/or snack bars or jerky). The airlines don’t care and neither does airport security. They just care about liquids.


Who the heck has that much leg room?!?!?! FAKE NEWS KNEES!


Now this is something I can get on board with!


It’s a topic that pops up on BB now and then.


I personally try not to, inevitably whenever someone brings food on a plane it’s usually smelly food (not smelly as in bad smell, just strong smelling). I’ve had to bring food maybe twice onto a plane and both times i felt guilty about it but i just didn’t have time to eat at the airport.


In that case, I need to get some documentation for my Emotional Support Pizza, Frank.


Sounds like you need…the Pizza Passport!


I knew that. I was being sarky. :wink: