From “box inspector” to “gravity checker,” a comprehensive list of cat jobs


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“Box Inspector” looks like it should be on the shirt of a 40something man who still goes on Spring Break.


See. Far superior to the two human jobs of “can opener” and “stroke specialist”.


Don’t forget “bathroom cleaner” and “bed.”


And Food Taster and Alarm Clock.


They also keep vermin out of your house, but I guess that’s not funny enough to be in a video.


What about waking up next to a dead mouse that the cat dragged in for you? That would make a funny video for someone.*

*not the person waking up next to the mouse, but someone.



I also noticed that they failed to mention “mortician”.

Because if one day you are too sick to fight back, your cat will eat you alive and hide your bones.

Because it loves you, I’m sure.


And THAT’S why keeping a tiger as a housepet is such a bad idea.


I miss having a cat so much


It wasn’t at all funny when it happened to me last week. It was inches from my face.


That’s too bad.

When my kitty proved to be a mouser, she brought it to me alive and kicking. Then she audibly gasped when I released it outside.


Fall is prime mousing time around here. I’m getting at least one and a half a week. Iris seems to like eating half and leaving the rest for Manny, who just plays with it.

Plus whenever they cut the hay fields mice are displaced and come looking for shelter.


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