Fruit comparison made simple


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Come on. You can’t just compare two different kinds of fruit.

That’d be like comparing…

Like comparing…

I can’t think of an appropriate simile right now, but like comparing two very different things!


The best part is after you pick two, they fight. It’s Fruit Club.


You Sir, are on fire today! Go get’um tiger.


I compared apple to orange and learned something about both of them.

I learned something through sarcasm today.


Nutritional woo? You mean the “boost immune system” claim for every single fruit might be questionable?



Compare Fruits is your one-stop shop for comparing fruit.


But comparing fruit is easy, isn’t it?

Surely you just look at it.


[not durian] vs durian

Winner results
Nutrition: durian
Suffering: durian
Regret: durian


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