FUCK OFF men's slide sandals


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Omg, @xeni, did you post this literally for me?

hugs and high fives

(I may wear them the next time I am in San Jose)

A couple of guys at my office keep such slippers under their desk and slip into them after arriving in the morning. I’d love to swap out a pair of these slippers under one guys (my boss’s boss) desk and see how long he’d walk around in his suit and fuck off slippers before noticing. I don’t dare though. As the only non-Japanese in the office, I think they’d all know it was me. :wink:


I never heard of “slides”, we called these “chancletas” in Queens.

I wear these on Fridays at the office. Um, I’m self-employed…


Yeah, flip-flops.

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Sandal terminology seems to be surprisingly regional. I just got back from the Philippines where everyone wears what I call “flip flops” (has the support between the big toe and the adjacent toe and nothing on the heel), but everyone there laughs and says oh no, these are “slippers”. I’m told its the same way in Hawaii.

Fair enough. Your description of flip-flops is accurate for my experience here in S. California. I was trying to make the subject slippers seem as low class as I possibly could. We also called flip-flops, in my youth, zories.

I have to admit that before I read your post the word “slippers” had never meant to me “shoes that may be slipped on or off.” Now it seems incredibly obvious. The Fuck-off shoes are definitely slippers and therefore not really meant to be worn out of the house by any self-respecting human animal.

When I saw them on the BB front page I wanted to go “Eww!” They look like something the cool dad on the block would have worn to the pool party. “Cool” in the sense of “not cool.”

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Americans: flip-flops
Aussies: thongs (we just assumed Sisqo had a foot fetish)
Kiwis: jandals (?)

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If there are two Kiwi words I think all Aussie’s should adopt, they’re ‘Jandals’ and ‘Puku’. Mainly because they just sound so much better than their 'strayan counterparts of ‘thongs’ and ‘tummy’/‘belly’.

I’m thinking of buying a pair of these and leaving just one in some surprising place.


And these things are truly horrible. Presumably to be paired most often with white sports socks?

Hmm. I think flip flops are a subset of sandals, and sandals are a subset of slippers; slippers are things one “slips” on, that is, does not require a heel. Sandals are open toe versions of slippers, and flip flops are one name for a Y shaped strap that is gripped between first and second toes. Then there are slides, which are charactarized by one large strap going over the foot between the knuckle of the first and last toes, and then what one might call the grecian style sandal which has straps that go around the ankle. Then there are the combinations like Chaco which is both grecian and flip-flop, since it uses both ankle straps and toe loop. Maybe what we really need is a flowchart…

Wow. Talk about a useless way to spend precious minutes of a morning. I need a cup of coffee.

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I remember calling them thongs during childhood in western PA. So maybe it has some regional span.

I worked for a company that had a GM who wore something similar, except his said “YOU’RE FIRED” on them (and they were boots). Whenever he came around, his feet were the 1st place everyone looked.

Why not daily? :stuck_out_tongue:

The fuzz inside looks warm and soft and comfortable. What’s horrible on them?

Why not? If it is comfortable, where’s the problem?

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