Fuck Today (Part 1)

I also have weird reactions to drugs, so I know how scary it is to try something new, knowing that the normal cautions don’t necessarily mean a thing when it comes to your own personal chemistry. Scary stuff indeed.

Hope today is better for you.


Artisinal rocks are quicker.


Actually, I remember asking Cory the same question once when he tweeted about being locked out.

I don’t think he found it terribly amusing.


Fuck today indeed, right in the godamned eyeholes.


Halloween was canceled in Oregon this year.


One of my friends lost her long term boyfriend (and father of her two kids) to a heart attack two or three years ago. She’s been with someone else for about a year and a half, and things were going pretty well - the kids started calling him dad earlier this year etc. Last week he had some discomfort in his throat and went to the doctor. It’s stage 4 oesophogeal cancer, and it’s spread to his other organs. She’s only 31 and her boyfriend’s in his late 20s - I don’t know if he even smokes.


I was going to write my own fuck today post because today has been shit. But it doesn’t compare to that at all.


Kinda awkward to hit “Like” on that one. Just consider it a Heart.


Slams door.
“You’ve got your keys, haven’t you hun?”
Exchange looks of horror.


One of the profs in my department had a heart attack this week and it looks like he’s not going to recover from it.


Fuck Today

After having seen those Peanuts costumes, I doubt if they are getting many offers anymore.

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Oh no… thats terrible. :frowning:
This is the second heart attack I’ve heard of this weekend… great, now I’m waiting for a third.


And he’s now died. And I’m sort of pissed off that the department chair didn’t announce his death on the grad listserve (but presumably did on the faculty listserve). I heard about his death from a forward from another history listserve my friend is on, not from the department head. Doesn’t that seem… wrong?


Ugh, I’m sorry. Its so hard to navigate this stuff.
Usually don’t the messages go out with times/date for the funeral or donation instructions?
Maybe they’re waiting for that?

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The other one I got had details about a reception at his house. The prior one the department head did send out was before he passed and mentioned a memorial at the university in the next couple of weeks, but that’s about it. This is a professor who is well known and has been around the department since the 90s, at least. He has students he’s working with. So I don’t know, it just seems weird that she (the chair) wouldn’t share the reception information with the grads…

[ETA] FYI, this is him, Cliff Kuhn. He did a semi-regular feature on our local NPR station about Atlanta History:

He also did a historical tour every other Sunday of the locations of the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot:



Maybe the family doesn’t want them? Maybe she thinks she’s helping the family?
I dunno, death makes people do dumb things, I give people a lot more leeway when it comes to reactions to death. Maybe dig up the other email and forward it to the chair and ask for an update?


Yeah, I’m trying to think in those terms and it’s entirely possible, but this has become a regular pattern with the chair by now - she’s just non-communicative on any number of things and rarely engages with grad students anymore. It’s really sort of depressing.


Ah well yes, the possibility that the chair is just bad in general at this sort of thing is also always a high possibility, there is always that.

I’d still reply/forward to the older email asking all innocent like for an update, because you’ve heard rumours but nothing official.


Asymmetry lets us know this is real.

RatWoman’s grandfather had a bad one on Friday, but he made it to the hospital. He may have had a second smaller one since. He’s currently in the CICU hooked up to a external pacemaker and other gadgets. He’s one tough old man, but I don’t think he’s going to make it.