Fuck Today (Part 1)

feel remote-hugged (ah, if you wish so…)



Ever heard the term ‘self fulfilling prophecy?’

Words have power; they resonate through the ether and color your thoughts and actions, as well as the reception that you get.

Don’t start off by saying OR thinking “I’m gonna ruin it,” or “don’t fuck it up.”

Start off with:

I can do this.

I got this.

I know it sounds ‘hippy-dippy’, but belief can affect reality, especially when it comes to human behavior.


@japhroaig, and @renke, and sertain @Melizmatic.

I feel for you @japhroaig, take a deep breath and many more. Please listen. Also to yourself, but not the destructive part of yourself.


I can do this.


Yes, you can.

And so can I.

It ain’t over yet, dammit.


Good luck!

But really, you can do this.

I hear if you keep trying she’ll take out her headphones.


Anything short of running over her puppy, give it a day or two and try again.

This comes from another member of the eager beaver over share club who blew it several times with my now wife of 13 years.


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. works closely with our customers to determine the devices supported by various versions of the Android OS on our Snapdragon chipsets. The length of time a chipset is supported and the upgradable OS versions available for a particular chipset is determined in collaboration with our customers. We recommend you contact your device manufacturer or carrier for information on support for Android 7.0 Nougat.

Fuck Qualcomm. My 801 is still running fantastic after more than a year and a half. There’s no reason in the world I should have to buy a new phone to get Nougat just cuz these assholes.


Oh, don’t get me started on the prospect of entering the cell phone store to buy a new phone after four years of avoiding the place.

(I didn’t think Kumail Nanjiani was even acting. It seems like a documentary to me.)

My Android is so out-dated. They took away my visual voicemail (I have to actually call in :rolling_eyes:), and now I’m not getting all my texts. Have I mentioned that I’m job-hunting?


A couple weeks ago a rope snapped and my Nexus 7 v2 tablet got drowned. It’s dried out now but apparently it took a good wallop because it still doesn’t work. The cracked screen was a tipoff I guess.

Anybody know where to get a cheap 7" tablet with high-res screen, cameras front and back, removable memory (which was the only thing the N7v2 lacked) and the ability to run plain-jane unbranded Android (or linux)?


@JemmieDuffs and I went to a small one man shop and it was an older than us guy behind the counter, he even happily turned down the music when we asked. It isn’t always painful.


Does it need to be a phone as well? I just got one of these BLU Studio 7.0 LTE phablets for RatWoman. She sat on her Galaxy Grand Prime and cracked the screen, and it’d cost more to fix it than the new phone cost. She’s only been using it for a couple of days, so we can’t give you a good review yet, but I think it has all the features you mentioned.


It’s the length of time that kills me. I go in and I know what device I want, and it still takes over a hour because they double-check the plan, blah, blah, blah. When you switch service providers, it takes eternity!!!

(I swear, I’m an impatient eight year old in a --cough-- 50+ body.)


You can root a Kindle Fire. They’re so cheap they’re practically disposable.


Also (and I can’t believe that I’m even suggesting this), sometimes you can get a free or cheap one if you visit Verizon or AT&T (or wherever) and you revisit your plan. We got two free mini-tablets with data for an additional $5 data per tablet.


Thanks, @subextraordinaire, @d_r, @RatMan!

That BLU phablet is looking pretty good, but if I can’t run it in pure wifi mode (I don’t own or want a cell phone) rooting a Kindle seems doable… I put cyanogenmod on a Nook once and it worked out OK.


Our landlord’s bank refused to continue their mortgage (and other banks are unlikely to accept it), so they may have to sell the house - which means that we would have to move out within the next few months. The good news is that we wouldn’t have to do all of the usual redecoration work on handing over as we still had a few years on the rental contract, but the bad news is that I don’t think we’ll find anything as suitable in the future. We have a great landlord, great neighbours, a really comfortable place to live and everything nearby. And it wasn’t too expensive either, which is important. This may be challenging.


I’m glad you’re sharing this here and not on the Fuck Me thread because you really don’t need that shit right now and it seems that you understand this. Consider that an excellent start, because it is.


Ugh. I’m sorry. I really hope that you do find something similar soon. And at least you have good references from your landlord.

BTW, I’ve never heard of banks just discontinuing a mortgage. It’s this common where you live?


The rest of the world does not have 30 year mortgages, more like 5 years and you get a new one after that, lather, rinse, repeat.

ETA wikipedia has good info actually. So maybe they just can’t afford the payments on the rental property and can’t refinance or some such.