Fuck Today (Part 1)

Crap on a crappy crapstick!!!


Chin up, chgoliz & chgogirl. Keep at it. You will find a place that values you, I know it.


Difficult, indeed. Best wishes for you and her.

Also…who knows? It brings to mind this Taoist story (there are lots of versions out there; this one is nice and short)


Without clicking, is that “good luck, bad luck, who knows?”? That’s pretty much my mantra in life!


I couldn’t get through to my parents earlier, and I can’t really try for another few hours yet, it’s still the middle of the night here.

They were OK in 2005. That was supposed to be a once in two centuries flood. The Environment Agency’s new flood defences, that they proudly announced would stop this from happening again have been overtopped.

I can’t tell much from the pictures I have seen so far. I guess I will find out more when it gets light outside.


@chgoliz I’m really sorry to hear about that, I hope your daughter manages to find the right university place. Best wishes in your efforts to motivate her!

This isn’t really bad news, but last week we accepted a young family of couchsurfers for the next few days. They changed their plans and cancelled, so we invited the next people on the list - a band from France. Now the family’s plans have fallen through and it looks like they really do need to come after all! We’ll probably give them the kids’ room and all camp out in ours, while these guys will have their own bedding downstairs:


Shit, it looks like it’s as bad as 2005. I would have thought that the pictures were from then, except Carlisle didn’t have a Sainsburys back then.

Example from the Guardian

And the BBC

My parents live on higher ground than there but I can’t stop worrying.


I’m sure they’re fine! Keep trying and you’ll get through to them soon.


Just watching the news: Carlisle looks bad, hope your parents are OK.


Holy fuck!

This isn’t about me, but I’d like to share a quick anecdote.

My dad lived in a trailer for years. One night the park he was staying at had a flood alert. He had already hitched the trailer, and in perhaps four minutes the water was coming in. Took him 15 minutes to get out. If it had been 20 he would have literally been up a creek without a paddle.

Stay safe and my meager thoughts are with you and your family.


Worse things can happen. I was accepted in an early decision.

Many months later, the “need-blind” school (I don’t think those exist any more) assessed my family with about 90% of the bill for a very expensive private university. My father suggested there had been some mistake, and the financial department became very surly. After pushing them on it they released a series of document suggesting that we had lied about our income, citing all sorts of ridiculous and made up things, like large amounts of “rental income”. No documentation my father could provide seemed to change their minds. It started to become clear that a recession had hit their endowment hard, and they could no longer actually cover all the students they had accepted, so they’d picked the families they thought easiest to push around and started making up shit to disqualify them. There was nothing we could realistically do, we couldn’t afford to file a lawsuit, much less pay for the schooling. Adding insult to injury, I had withdrawn my other applications as you were expected to do with an early admissions decision, and it was now too late to apply for any college. Fortunately we had connections with a local public university, and they were willing to reprocess my application, despite being officially late.

I would strongly advise anyone else with children approaching college age to avoid “early decision” applications.


AFAICT, that’s the same guy in front of the same black fence, red brick home, and blue traffic barrier, but in the first shot he’s in about 18" more water.



That’s terrible. The only thing I can say is that they sound so unethical – and possibly criminal – in their behavior that you’re better off not having gone there at all.

Edited to add: there are a number of rolling admissions schools, so it’s possible to apply up to the day before classes start at those places. Also, some schools are amenable to being contacted after the acceptance period is over, when the school knows how many students have actually said yes, in case they did not in fact fill their target number. You just have to know to look for those options.


I assume he got caught by the current.

This is what it looks like normally. It’s pretty flat.


Ah, yes, that makes a lot of sense!


They’ve been in the news recently for some very ethically questionable behavior. Also, in retrospect, having the name of the architect of the Great Depression attached to my professional career would have probably made me very uncomfortable.


So what made you so keen on the school at the time? Or, since you were a mere teenager, was it the preferred choice of your parents or school officials?

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Carnagie-Mellon. It’s one of the best schools in the country, and was particularly highly rated in architecture, which I was pursuing then. Interestingly, when I crashed and burned in architecture I went into computer science, which CMU is even better at.


Just heard from my dad. My family are OK, My brother had just moved, which was fortunate as he would have been flooded if he hadn’t. My mum and sister are stuck in London because the trains aren’t going past Preston. My parent’s house is safe, as is my sister’s.

I have also seen this from Carlisle United after their FA Cup win


One would think 10 months is old enough. Even considering she was born more than 2 months early.


I applied there as an undergrad in Engineering- they said no, but said that they’d take me in any other program besides engineering. Which was strange (and, at the time, not all that helpful). I passed, only to ditch engineering myself and and up (sigh) and English major.
It all works out.