Fuck Today (Part 1)

none of us are fans of brain meds–too little benefit for too many side effects. but i was seriously spiraling out of control, and i think a quick kick in the tucas with some pills then talking it out with someone who has seen this a million times before could be a good thing.

i mean, i am not the only person in the world to lose their shirt, their wife, their home, and their family. honestly it’s pretty common. so instead of doing the bootstrap thing, i thought to myself… “what if someone else can do the hard work for me…?” :smiley:


No. Maybe if we manage to survive a few tens of thousands of years more we’ll start developing instincts for global social interaction, but right now its up to us to make it a part of our culture by acquiring these skill and teaching them explicitly.

I don’t think even (most) parents really speak to their own children, and this is why you’re not supposed to talk to other’s people’s kids. My god, what would you say if you can’t even say it to your own kids?

Fear of the other is fear of the self. (The unexamined self that is)


more like how bad an influence are we?!?


Bah! My new company here in China has just clarified their stance on working for outside companies. I can only do it for people they’ve introduced me to, meaning, I’m sure, that they’re getting a cut. This means, if I am to follow their dictates, that I have to give up my primary school gig and my income has just been halved.


I am sorry for your loss.


I could use a hug today. I just had one of those terrible marital fights where all we accomplished was hurting each other. I know it’s part of marriage but it still sucks. I’m hoping we have a better evening.


I know it’s cliche, but we always hurt the ones we love. But I’ve never had a fight like that which when both parties apologize and kiss it out doesn’t become an anecdote for a cocktail party.

internet hug


Fuck. Just confirmed today that dog has hip dysplasia bad enough that we’re already starting to see signs of it even though she’s not even three.


Big virtual hug.


I just decided to pop in and give all of y’all a big bear hug. You guys are the best. Don’t forget it.


Here you go, ChickenD


Awww. Thank you.


completely spaced on Doctor appt today. Double cost next time.


In the first few years after getting married and when we had to get something out of our system, my wife and I tended to do it in German. It’s more dramatic, and it was code for the fact that it wasn’t meant to be personal. We’ve found more constructive ways to deal with our differences since then, but they’re not as fun.


well, fuck today and fuck cancer (or maybe eosinophilia - the treatment is about the same so we skipped the tests). Our 1.5 year old cat seemed to be throwing up - just occasionally at first, and then after a week or so it got to the point where it obviously wasn’t hairballs.

After several trips to the vet and one to the oncologist, she’s on prednisone and chemo now. Even with treatment, we’re just trying to get her comfortable so she can have a couple more good weeks - maybe months if we’re lucky.

On the other hand, she’s responding to treatment pretty well. she went from extremely lethargic to getting up and moving around and climbing the fridge.

Somewhat less awesome is the fact that chemo drugs are bad shit, even in cat-size doses, and I get to buy bleach, gloves, spray bottles, and god knows what other cleaning supplies. I feel like I’m stocking up to re-enact the bathtub cleanup from breaking bad


Fuck today.
This ones for the ladies…
Old IUD out, new IUD in.
Cramp fucking city.
The things we do not to have babies.
(On the upside this is likely my last one as 7 years hence I’ll be 50! Yay?)


Make sure anyone who comes near her washes their hands first (just like with human chemo patients).


Ask your mom and her sisters. I went from 100% to 0% in one month thanks to chemo, otherwise who knows how long it would have been? My mother’s family has long range fecundity. Yay, genetics.


Look on the bright side – you’re putting Martin Shkreli’s kids through college.