Fuck Today (Part 1)

Oh man, I’m so sorry! :frowning:


I’m so sorry @Ratman and @Mindysan33.

Shit, that stuff is awful. :pensive:


Fuck today. I should be getting blood tests back today which will yell me if I need a CT scan or a scan and a scope. You know, where they take a camera down your throat?

But the good news? Me feeling like crap this year may have a physiological component, which would honestly make me feel better (no, its not all in your head!)


Uh, I’ve done that. Tell 'em to use propofol and it’s not so bad. Pretty quick, too.


I had that, but up my urethra, so not fun, but I did get to pee on nurses. :wink:

Here’s hoping they find out what is actually up!


One I get it through the nose or mouth I’m three for three, and best I’ve ever got was topical (and I’m not making this up) lidocaine.


Wow. I got demerol first and man I was flying so high that combined with the topical at the back of the throat I was all oh yeah, bring it. Then I got and IV of something that I forget what it was now. I do not remember passing out, feeling like lost time, just kinda fuzzy then oh hey I am back in the recovery/prep area and my shirt and jacket are back on. The nurse said I had put it on and I am still weirded out by the fact I was up and interacting with the world and have no memory at all of it. All that for them to say yep thats an ulcer.


Through the nose for me. I’m in no rush for other orifices.

They asked beforehand “Do you mind some students observing?” I didn’t, and their genuine interest in seeing my vocal cords at least passed the time.


I don’t need to go into specifics, you’ve heard overshare from me already. But today is a serious. Fuck. You. Day. How come you can run out of tears, but not snot? :smile: maybe God was too busy that day and overlooked that bug in our emotions and physiology. Or god was high.


Why am I bellyaching (besides that I get to see a gastrointestinal doc on Monday) and not posting Motley Crue videos instead?


All the best to you. Aging gets troubling, and it’s not something we are encouraged to talk about.


shit is fucked up and bullshit


Isn’t this our collective bellyaching thread, though. Don’t we want to hear you’re cares and worries? Because it makes us all feel far more human to listen to each other?


I’m just trying to find out who pissed in the German tax man’s coffee. Multiple declarations monthly, quarterly and yearly, and they’re still not happy. F%#@ing Germans, how do they work? Like, literally: how do they manage to get anything done?

(Actually, it’s mainly that I’m not used to doing my own taxes and while the German tax office has been quite helpful, I am quite slow on the uptake).


Germans and paperwork…yeah, that’s a known problem. :wink:


Got back from the specialist.

My GP has been poisoning me.

Well, prescribing medications that cause severe reactions while not really treating what they were supposed to treat, and ignoring my persistent, “are you sure this is the right thing to do?”'s.

I am firing my (I.e. gonna get a new) doc.

Fuck, I end up in the ER cause my primary care critter won’t listen or, I dunno, check WebMD or wikipedia?


good luck :frowning: :crying_cat_face:


do not take it too seriously if you do. better off to check there then if you are still unhappy with your primary provider then bring those concerns to another doctor.

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Of course. I was being mildly facetious, but the point was to illustrate that little to no dillegence was done to diagnose this BS for the past year. Well, except by me.

I am not railing against the medical profession. Simply one moron that I inadvertently trusted.


Many thanks to you and @Missy_Pants, @ActionAbe, for the messages, and all those whose likes I can’t directly acknowledge right now.

Unfortunately, he had a stroke later that night and had to be put on a ventilator along with all the other crap. We gave it a couple of days and it was obvious he wasn’t going to get any better, so we made the decision to pull the plug this weekend. He got a double dose of opiates, was unplugged, and passed away a few minutes later. We had him cremated and scattered his ashes down by the Mission Bay inlet, his favorite fishing spot.

We did not follow RatGirl’s suggestion that we fill his pockets with fireworks prior to the cremation. Pity, he would have enjoyed that. :smile:


Oh geez, I’m so sorry. My condolences to you and your family during this hard time.