Fuck Today

Oh, ouch. That socks.* Tell her to get better and feel better soon.

(*my overly aggressive auto-correction…should be s-u-c-k-s.)


Donald Trump is president of the US and Steve Bannnon seems to be writing all his speeches and executive orders.


Isn’t he one of those vote fraudsters that Trump was going on about?


Yep… but when white dudes do it, it’s apparently not a problem.


Just found out that when I talked to my mother this afternoon, she neglected to tell me that the surgeon had some sort of other emergency and so she has to hang out for another day (in a small town hospital which apparently only has one surgeon, when she actually lives right by a major teaching hospital) with an unset arm. No, she doesn’t want to be driven to the hospital where her doctors (and her apartment) are located. It doesn’t make medical or practical sense; it’s the worst possible choice, and she knows it, and she knows I know it. I’m beginning to understand the mentality of the people who voted for 45.


I’m so fucking pissed that the Liberal part of Canada called off voting reform I made a topic just to swear about it.


Trump is still president, and Rex Tillerson was confirmed as Sec. of State today.


British MPs voted to allow Theresa May to trigger Article 50.


but the trolling of Farange in the EP was rather epic


For some reason today I’m feeling highly off balance. Not weak, light headed, or dizzy so much as left and right are not sgreei on what current position is and I have no idea wtf. It seriously bugs me and I will freak out if this does not quit in the next few days.


Why is life so stressful? Honestly it drives me mad.


This happened:



A number of these appointments and policies seem like a kind of triangulation strategy. Absolute favouritism to the paranoid talk radio crowd. Be outrageous and obvious about it, and the polarisation will get wider as there’s no room at all for compromise. Get conservatives to support policies they don’t even like just because it becomes a 100% them or us situation, and maintain infighting to the point where no progress can be made.


It’s like the game theory outcome where we just screw the other guy to avoid being screwed worse and there is zero system trust.


My stepdad keeps going on about liberalidiotdemocrats (all one word) and then just kinda backpeddles whenever I point out how he’s acting, then he insists he is acting like he is being fair and non partisan.

He acts like he’s riding neutral then whenever I speak ‘spoken like a true liberal sticking up for the weak’

With mom jumping to his defense ‘you know he’s just talking like that to piss you off ght?’ No. No I do not, because that is how he talks all the time.

Look, I don’t like when either ‘side’ does this ‘well they are all morons why should I listen pay attention or treat them like anything other than traitors.’

You want to show off video of trumpian secret police. I saw plenty of that shit on Facebook about Obama.


I don’t know if you’ll find this advice useful or helpful - lord knows I moved to another city to before I even started to figure out my relationship with my parents.

but anyway, don’t forget that you’re under no obligation to engage. Just because he’s your dad doesn’t mean you have to respond, or correct, or defend. You can just “uh huh” and “oh” your way through that part of the conversation.

Arguing with him isn’t necessarily going to lead to some kind of teachable moment. You don’t have to pretend to agree. But don’t drive yourself crazy beating your head against a brick wall

The “sticking up for the weak” thing is pretty weird though. That’s generally regarded as a virtue in most of the circles I run in. Also by most christians


I want to hope he is mislabeling because in any in depth context he references people that game the system to take what they don’t deserve by faking illness or infirmity (we have had a couple. Our extended family so naturally everyone is a moocher.)

As for not engaging hr keeps pressing and then uses my lack of response as ‘oh I don’t have to talk to you either.’

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It’s not like the strong need anybody sticking up for them.


2016 was the - so far - deadliest years for refugees travelling across the Mediterranean sea to Europe, with some 5000 recorded drowned persons. The main route is Libya to Italy, with the first more or less defunctional after the revolution and bombing for freedom, carried out mostly by France, UK and US.

A few days ago a report by the German foreign ministry was published, decrying the miserable and inhumane conditions for refugess in Libya.

Guess what happened? Italy announced that they made a deal with the Libyan government, with the main goal to hinder refugees to set sail. This agreement is a blueprint for an EU-wide deal, at the moment the leaders have a summit on Malta.

The deal, in intent and impact similar to the Turkey deal, will result in lots of misery, and is made worse when one sees that the EU has absolutely no long-term strategy, I am not aware of any concrete plans (or even ideas for plans) on how to help Libya to become a stable and functioning state.

Instead of simple walls Europe is using whole countries as roadblocks.