Fuck Today



Did a first pass on my tax returns today, and it turns out that my W4 form got fucked up, I’ve barely had any taxes withheld all year, and now I owe the Federal government $800 dollars.


OMG, that cute little fat kitteh! I hope he’s in a good bookstore somewheres.


The struggle is real, and is like the 2nd reason to have kids.

As for me, I think I have the fucking Flu and can go to the Daddy Daughter dance. Son of a bitch.


Ugh - now I am missing her play tonight too. I though I could soldier through, but I better now. Son of a bitch.


Father-Daughter dances were a highlight for me. I miss them.


Crappo. I’m getting “the cold.” Bleh.


Hopefully, it’s not the flu!


Thank you. I don’t think it is. It’s sore throat, cough, headache, only very mild nausea. Seems like just a cold, PHEW!!! I don’t mind being sick; I just do not want to pass it on to my family or friends.


Well, my 3-year old LG G3 phone melted down the other day. It is not pining for the fjords. It is an ex-cellphone.
As this tool was my lifeline and work tool combined, I may be incommunicado for a while. I’m using a smashed phone my friend lent me, and it doesn’t even recognize my sim card.
Meantime, my other friend is arranging something, possibly a raffle or other to get the money for a new phone.
See you on the other side.


Let me know if you get a gofundme or whatever the heck them newfangled thingerbobbles are called.


My Galaxy S4, just died. Nothing is going to bring it back. Lost all my contacts in the process but luckily all my photos were on the SD which survived.


I want to earn it if possible. I’m on my knees, kind people.


Two separate doctors have told me no more pregnancies. My body is just a little bit too special for it to cope with the stress.


I’m sorry hon. That sucks.


Getting pregnant again was a slim to none chance away, as I wasn’t going to do IVF anyway.


Ivf is 50,000 dollars of maybe.


Not in Australia


How much is it, there? I overstated. It’s probably more like 15 to 20 here, to get started.


It cost us $10 000 all up for what we did. The hormones, egg collection, embryo transfer, the D&C when I had a missed miscarriage of the first one and then a frozen embryo transfer of the second one, who is now my daughter.

But that was two parts, it was $9000 for the hormones, egg collection and transfer. We got about $4000 back through medicare. That return paid for the second transfer. The D&C in hospital was free, even in private hospital. They don’t charge for miscarriages.

We were also paying a couple a hundred every six months to keep the final embryo on ice until we decided that I didn’t want to go through the process again. Not even just a frozen embryo transfer.