Fuck Today


Yay for using special characters to fool the algorithms… $ at the end of a word can do odd things.


I don’t pay much attention to celebrity news usually, so I missed this happening to a friend from secondary school a few days ago.



Oh wow! I hope she’s going to be okay. Sounds like the overall injuries were minor, but blacking out can also mean some head trauma.

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I am divorced, after 30 years of trying to make it work, 26 of those years married.


that is a heck of a long time. May you find happiness & peace going forward


The mortgage company tried to pretend that they aren’t obliged by federal law to allow assumption of an existing mortgage by one party to a divorce, and that they could force me to refinance at a higher rate, costing me an extra $24,000 over the life of the loan… It also appears that not doing assumption might make me subject to state transfer taxes to the tune of $7,500 plus, although I have a lot more painful reading of the legal code to do to work that part out.

The weird part was that after I spent hours on the phone arguing them into compliance with the law, they were basically like “OK you win, here’s the secret phone number for qualified assumption, where you’ll wait on hold over a hour because we apparently have one staff member for the whole continent” and that guy was incredibly helpful, he was like “you email me the divorce decree and your current financial docs and we’ll do this thing!”


I’m so sorry.


At Aretha Franklin’s damn funeral… I hope she comes back from the grave just long enough to slap this asshole…



Ugh, yeah. Totes blatant, that old pig.


I was driving through Kansas, listening to podcasts on my iphone, when it stopped, and gave the message “verification required” I pulled off the highway, and tried to follow the on-screen instructions, to no avail. Later, I found a hotel to try to deal with this in. Only one room was available, and it is a smoking room. I settled in with some mexican food from next door, and found the hotel phone does not work. I borrowed the clerks phone, and spent an hour or so answering questions, but finally got cut off.
So no music, no phone, no internet for at least the next leg of the trip. When I drive, I need podcasts to keep from going insane. And I do banking and pay my bills on there.
When i was talking to apple, they kept asking for information that is inside the phone, but inacessible, as it is locked.
And why now? It used to be my Dad’s phone, but it has been mine for years. It happened while I was not even touching it. Is this normal?


I wondered if BB was going to cover the vomit worthy extended groping.


They didn’t but me and Super Hans did. Fuck that asshole, at Aretha’s funeral too. Jack ass.


I want it splashed it everywhere until everyone knows and there is no place for him to hide. But then again, Ariana Grande may not want that.


Fuck today, sideways.

I’m starting a new job in a week’s time. Several hundred kilometres from here.

Communication with my landlord was always a bit one-sided, but a month ago I told them I would be moving and asked if I could sub-let the appartement. They denied (FTR, legally they are in murky waters there - I have a right to sub-let by law, and by contract, with some exceptions). They said it would be no problem if I sought for peeps who would take over the place. So I did. Yesterday, they looked at all of them and denied all of them, on grounds that they are a) to young, b) they would pose a risk that they would move out again soon (see point a), and they would fear that they could not pay the rent properly (all delivered info about their income, and in some cases more than that, and all were willing and able to pay a two-months deposit).

I specifically looked for successors who would be ok to pay out some things like the build-in kitchen, and would be ok with keeping my stuff stored away in the cellars etc, and the furniture until January - since I’ve got a new flat then.

That didn’t went well with my landlords. They felt pressured and not in charge of their own flat.

TBH, I’m totally fucked this minute. I’m pretty sure I’m legally in my rights to challenge their decision based on their reasoning, and their communication. I have no energy whatsoever for this, though. I have no place to store my stuff, can’t afford a self-storage solution (including two moves, then) and can’t afford paying two full rents. I’ve got to start working on Monday 17th and have now a window of opportunity to find a “suitable” candidate - described as being older, with family planning behind them, and a secured net income of 2.5k€ - of exactly seven days, INCLUDING to find a solution how to get rid of the kitchen and how to store all furniture and my stuff, including several already packed boxes of books.

I’m so angry now that I cried. I even wrote this post.

Today, they came with new peeps. ETA: they presented someone who would take the flat, without the build-in kitchen, and without all other investment, from 1.10. onwards. If we could clear out the flat. Fuck that, I can’t do this in two weeks time, not while working as of the 17th anyway.


I have been interviewing with a tech company for a few months now. I am at the point where I am waiting on an offer. They said it was supposed to come Friday, but they are notorious for a long hiring process. After I get the letter, send it back, they will conduct a background check and only then can I give notice.

I am on a remote team of 6. The manager and one engineer just quit, leaving a lot of slack to pick up. I have two trips in the next week (not cheap ones), one being a conference booked for months and the other a training session booked to help make up for the loss of my manager. Both booked long before I knew I would be getting an offer.

My new boss wants to spend some time this week and next since we will be in the same place (he is at training location and going with to conference). So I have to plan out with him how we are going to recover from the loss of two big contributors on the team (and I cannot say anything until the offer comes through and I pass the background check). So, making detailed plans which we will have to scrap because I am almost out the door.

I also think one or two of the remaining team members are interviewing other places, and their two weeks notice is pending an offer as well.

So I am going to be in a tough spot if my offer doesn’t come soon, and possibly an even worse spot if it falls through (finishing this year’s work of 6 people with possibly only two of us left).


The best of luck to you. I know the feel. I left a job which was wearing me out fast, with +90h of overtime in three months and not a glimpse of hope for less work. Now I got a job starting soon with regular hours (hopefully) and a net income raise of .5k/m.
Still not sure if worth it, see above. Right now, the immediate future has costs of about >8.6k coming with the job - see above.

Next time I’m gonna be even more careful before I take an offer.


I’m sure.


Fucking kidney stones.